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For those looking for our public submissions program, unfortunately we’ve since closed it down due to the extensive amount of time that was needed to manage and administrate it. That said we’re always looking for talented authors who would want to write for us on a more permanent basis.

If you’ve got some experience writing in a gaming or games journalism related context and are interested in creating regular content here on HalfBeard’s HUD, then by all means feel free to contact us at hiring@hbhud,com.

Keep in mind that we’re aren’t the biggest site out there, so all positions are strictly on a volunteer basis. We do however try to provide incentives wherever we can in the form of review copies, tickets to conventions, and more. As for the work environment, it’s pretty casual but we try very hard to foster an atmosphere of strong journalistic integrity and professionalism that allows our writers to grow and create gaming related content that’s meaningful and that matters to them personally

Once again, if interested, please send an email to hiring@hbhud.com for more information.

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