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Oct 09 2013

NEWS: GTA V Hits the History Books


The times, they are a-changin’. It only took 3 days for Rockstar’s latest entry into the mega-popular GTA series to break the billion dollar mark. Rockstar are projecting over 437 milliion dollars in post-launch sales and the game is ready to be documented by Guinness World Records.  Editor-in-chief for Guinness, Craig Glenday, stated “Gaming is …

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Nov 28 2012

Crisis on Infinite Titles: Compilation Games and their Future

The reason this works is because people want to see magic and technologywork together to defeat Hell and Nazis. Also, Mage with a Plasma Rifle? Sold.

Seems everyone has to have their special beat-em-up involving all their big mascots. Playstation feels that having Ratchet and Jak duking it out with Kratos will pull fans back in when they’re missing a favored bandicoot, and the independent community already tried this once already, but everyone couldn’t get along. Nintendo beat everyone to the …

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