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Dec 24 2015

The Beardies 2015! HalfBeard HUD’s Final Game of the Year Awards

And lastly we come to the awards themselves, a suitable cap to the year and to the site.

Dec 21 2015

D’Arcy’s Top Ten Games for 2015

We start off our last week here at HalfBeard’s HUD with D’Arcy’s top picks for 2015. Expect platformers… oh god, so many platformers.

Dec 25 2014

The Beardies 2014! HalfBeard HUD’s Game of the Year Awards

Time for the illustrious Beardies! And more importantly it’s time for the writing staff to take a nap.

Dec 24 2014

HalfBeard’s Top Ten Games of 2014

Lastly we have HalfBeard’s list, time to see what the big cheese liked most this year.

Dec 23 2014

Scott’s Top Ten Games of 2014

It seems Scott plays games that aren’t eSports related, who would’ve thunk it?

Dec 22 2014

D’Arcy’s Top Ten Games of 2014

D’Arcy lets us in on his top picks for 2014, indie game fans rejoice!

Dec 26 2013

The Beardies 2013! HalfBeard’s HUD’s Game of the Year Awards

Well the day is finally here, our much-anticipated Game of the Year awards! We’ve spent the whole of 2013 watching all sorts of exciting and interesting new titles come down the pipe of wildly varying genres, platforms, and budgets. You’ve spent the better part of this week reading our personal top tens and getting a …

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Dec 24 2010

HBHUD’s Game of the Year Awards A.K.A. “The Beardies”


See what we think is the best of best… at least for this year.