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Dec 24 2015

The Beardies 2015! HalfBeard HUD’s Final Game of the Year Awards

And lastly we come to the awards themselves, a suitable cap to the year and to the site.

Dec 21 2015

D’Arcy’s Top Ten Games for 2015

We start off our last week here at HalfBeard’s HUD with D’Arcy’s top picks for 2015. Expect platformers… oh god, so many platformers.

Dec 24 2010

HBHUD’s Game of the Year Awards A.K.A. “The Beardies”


See what we think is the best of best… at least for this year.

Jun 03 2010

Review of Super Mario Galaxy 2

Find out why Super Mario Galaxy 2 is like the Hybrid car of Mario games