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Apr 30 2013

7 Genre Parody Games We Need to See

Don’t worry JRPGs aren’t on this list. I think we’ve had quite enough of that genre’s attempts at humor…cough cough…HyperDimension Neptunia…cough cough

Dec 07 2012

Dancing Mad: The Best Depictions of Insanity in Videogames

Vass: A complete psycho, utterly deranged, and the subject of droves of erotic fantiction over the sprawl of the Internet.

Villains and heroes are so easily set into their ways, but the ideas of alignment and morality start to lose their meaning when you throw someone at them who belongs in a straitjacket. Video games are a medium where the insane can be commonplace and rather encouraged within the main populace, so it is not …

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Nov 28 2012

Crisis on Infinite Titles: Compilation Games and their Future

Kinda like this, but with a lot less iconic character death. I don't want to imagine Yoshi being carted off like that..Wait..Damn my brain.

Seems everyone has to have their special beat-em-up involving all their big mascots. Playstation feels that having Ratchet and Jak duking it out with Kratos will pull fans back in when they’re missing a favored bandicoot, and the independent community already tried this once already, but everyone couldn’t get along. Nintendo beat everyone to the …

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Sep 06 2012

The 3 “Arena” Games We’d like to See (but Probably Shouldn’t be Made)

One of the starters of this trend. Also the pregenitor to the spastic, aggressive eight-year-old experts who wax off about their 'skillz.' Be warned, friends, be warned.

In the late nineties and even in the new millennium, the concept of an Arena has changed so drastically for video game culture that the term should be used with care. Notwithstanding a sandbox role-playing game released by Bethesda, the word “arena” has dotted a number of multi-player titles and fighting games as a tack …

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Aug 30 2012

Double Dragon Fever: Billy and Jimmy Need to Fight!

And still, the adventure continues....Its as if *Glasses.* The world refused to change. *YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*

So, we’re now living in 2012. I think we can say that it is likely that people and circumstances have changed so that street fighters in ginny-tees and baggy jeans are probably in need of some context to fight effectively. Billy and Jimmy-young adults with a competitive streak and their whole world ahead of them-had …

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Aug 16 2012

Project Runway – Dolphin Edition: Clothing Designers + Games

And here comes Mrs.Lara Croft, sporting that lovely summer affair-is that a leg holster? On both legs? Some bold style there...moving on...

Strap down the blouse, style your hair into the most freakishly spiked thing imaginable with a designer suit worth more than the amount of words of this article, and you’ve got yourself a craze. Yes, fashion has completely controlled the culture of high-schoolers, bored mothers and even the intestines of some very pampered poodles over …

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Jul 02 2012

Capes and Controllers: 5 Game Recommendations with Obscure Superheroes.

Spiderman has more games than arms but they can’t spare even one for the Blue Beetle? Fucking travesty!

Jun 21 2012

Eccentric Gaming At its Finest: 3 Game Franchises Suda51 Should Be Developing

God, it’d be like making a pyromaniac the head of OPEC.

Jun 12 2012

FaceboAGHHH: The Most Socially-Capable Horrors to Mankind

Don't worry. He only wants to say hi. He's not gonna bite; give him a hug.

So, we know why we run away from those that wish to kill us. Namely, most of them want to rip out our spleen and wrench out the blood for their sausages which they made out of our intestines for their upcoming barbecue. There’s another reason we’re not quite prepared to swallow; we’re afraid of …

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May 30 2012

The Top 3 Magnificent Bastards in Videogames.

You know how you can literally smell the fear off of some punk? Look at this guy, and smell all that smug. All of it.

Is it just me or are the RPGs we play just filled to the brim with bastards.

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