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Nov 26 2015

Heads Up: Steel Strider

“Strider” is perhaps a generous term for this dude’s speed, Steel Ambler might be more apt.

Nov 26 2015

Heads Up: The Rivers of Alive – Extended Version

Why does dank-ass cave water help these flowers but nice clear river water does not?

Nov 24 2015

Heads Up: Hard West

Join me as I enact some devil powered justice and eat “BBQ”.

Nov 24 2015

Heads Up: Ghost Cleaner

Because nothing conveys the existential horror of our own mortality like a good puzzle game.

Nov 20 2015

Heads Up: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut

I’m kind of glad this is the “Final Cut” because that title is starting to get unruly.

Nov 19 2015

Heads Up: Stardust Galaxy Warriors

Nothing like a little side-scrolling mecha action to keep the week moving.

Nov 16 2015

Heads Up: ROOT

Apparently the base of the neck is where all computer programs store their off-buttons.

Nov 13 2015

Heads Up: Vertigo Void

Space gravity is a harsh mistress.

Nov 10 2015

Heads Up: Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Pungeons and Dragons.

Nov 06 2015

Heads Up: Kingdom

Amazing what you can do with a few pixels and a few coins.

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