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Feb 26 2015

Heads Up: The Next Penelope [Early Access]

Greek mythology involves more lasers and neon than I thought it would.

Feb 24 2015

Heads Up: Hand of Fate

The only game where your card hand matters as much as your sword hand.

Feb 19 2015

Heads Up: Lucius II: The Prophecy

The devil may be in the details, but it looks like the devil took a day off.

Feb 18 2015

Heads Up: Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Nothing says medieval fantasy fun like thinly veiled pot jokes.

Feb 17 2015

Heads Up: Castle in the Darkness

We use the power of scan-lines to defeat asshole skeletons and the dragon from Bubble Bobble.

Feb 12 2015

Heads Up: Harold

3rd place is the new 1st.

Feb 11 2015

Heads Up: Unmechanical Extended

Is it weird that I find floating trashcans cuter than most small animals?

Feb 11 2015

Heads Up: Zombeer

It’s basically ‘American Pie but with Zombies’ with all the positive and negative traits that might entail.

Feb 10 2015

Heads Up: Sunless Sea

Black sky in the morning, sailor’s warning. Black sky at night, also sailor’s warning…because the horizon never changes its hues in the Unterzee.

Feb 09 2015

Heads Up: Grow Home

You ever see the movie Cliffhanger? This game is like that, but replace Stallone with a humanoid version of R2-D2 and switch out all the tension for relaxing child-like whimsy.

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