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Oct 08 2015

Heads Up: Laserlife

Turns out that alien mind reading technology works on the same principles as a showing of Laser Zeppelin down at the local planetarium.

Oct 07 2015

Heads Up: I Can’t Escape: Darkness

I’m worried less about the darkness than I am the litany of fractures I must have from repeatedly falling down all those holes.

Oct 06 2015

Heads Up: Heroes of Might & Magic 7

Seriously, the story here takes the form of a god damn round table debate; How hard could that possibly be to animate?

Oct 06 2015

Heads Up: Euclidean

Big chunky polygons really do work amazingly well for rendering creatures that are by their very definition “indescribable”.

Oct 05 2015

Heads Up: Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

I feel like naming one of my fighters “Head Wound” is just asking for trouble.

Oct 02 2015

Heads Up: Albino Lullaby

I don’t know why, but I get a real Pink Floyd vibe from this game.

Oct 01 2015

Heads Up: SOMA

As if the ocean floor wasn’t awful and scary enough…

Sep 30 2015

Heads Up: Concrete Jungle

I could make a joke about politicians treating civil planning like a game, but frankly the approach shown here seems more efficient than the reality.

Sep 29 2015

Heads Up: Jotun

I never knew I could hate vines so much.

Sep 28 2015

Heads Up: Leo’s Fortune

This guy’s mustache is so luxurious and full that it has consumed his entire body.

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