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Apr 24 2013

They Who Game: An Ever Changing Demographic

Welcome to a land where your wildest dreams can come true. To the left you can see the vast wastelands of Pandora; to the right Liberty City. Take a peek up and you can see the floating sky-city of Columbia. A quick flash later and spread in front of you is a desert to be …

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Apr 21 2013

Review of Cubemen 2

[rating=2] Props to 3 Sprockets for following in the footsteps of Call of Duty perfectly. The sequel to Cubemen, Cubemen 2, has features that can be closely linked to the original. The game seems to stay so close to the original’s mechanics and gameplay that this hardly deserves to be its own game. That’s not …

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Mar 31 2013

Looking Past the Shiny Lights of the Battlefield 4 Trailer

Remember when Battlefield 3 was first announced? Remember how the trailers promised deep engaging gameplay? That destructible environments would enhance and intensify the combat experience. Remember how all that ended up as a really bland single player shooter with all those big moments shown in those trailers turning out to be heavily scripted, glorified cut scenes. The controls were …

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Mar 14 2013

Winter is Coming but Games Sure Aren’t: 4 Ways to Make a “Game” of Thrones.

The night is dark, and surprisingly lacking in a decent game.

Mar 13 2013

Top 5 most ridiculous PETA Vs. Video Games protests

PETA: proving that not only the NRA thinks video games are the devil.

Mar 10 2013

4 Games That Never Quite Figured Out Sidequests

Side quests are standard for every adventure game or RPG you can find. They’re meant to give the character something to do other than the main story, so they can relax and do little quests as a Good Samaritan of sorts. There is a problem with this feature in games; too many developers botch it up. …

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Feb 14 2013

SEGA is Bleeding Out, and Bleeding Out Fast.

For those that haven’t noticed yet, the recent release SEGA has their name slapped on, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is an absolute flop. Gearbox has their names written all over it as well, the only difference is Borderlands is such a massive success they won’t need to worry too much about the inevitable poor sales of …

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Feb 06 2013

Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken Coming to the VITA February 12th

Just hours ago Ratloop Asia producer and studio head Sian Yue Tan announced that Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken will be available February 12, 2013 for the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Network and is expected to be priced at $11.99. HardBoiled Chicken was previously released on the VITA in Asia this past Holiday season. Being …

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Jan 01 2013

Review of Zombie Driver HD

[rating=4] The title “Zombie Driver” can be seen two ways. It can be seen as incredibly generic and indicative of ‘just another’ zombie game, or it can be seen as basic and right to the point. I would like to imagine it as the latter. You’re a driver, and you kill zombies. If the thought …

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Nov 26 2012

Darwin Packing Heat: The Evolution of the FPS

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