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Jul 29 2014

NEWS: Evil Geniuses Tease Return To CS:GO

The competitive organization known as Evil Geniuses continue to tease the possibility of returning to the Counter-Strike series. EG had wiped their hands of the Counter-Strike series after they had shut down their 1.6 team in January of 2012. We had heard nothing from EG relating to Counter-Strike until this past October, when EG tweeted this: …

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Jul 25 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 7/21-7/27)

We’re recapping the results and news from last weekend’s International main event, talking about Google’s purchase of Twitch, TI4′s coverage on ESPN, the return of an original Dota hero, and the retirement of one of China’s best players. This and more in this week’s eSports weekly. The International 4 Results Well, the biggest eSports event …

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Jul 18 2014

eSports Weekly Special: The International Edition

The Dota 2 International Championships Main Event kicks off this Friday, and one of the biggest developments was announced yesterday by Valve. For the first time ever, the Dota 2 International championships will be streamed through the ESPN networks. Matches will be taking place on ESPN3, ESPN’s online streaming channel, and an exclusive grand final …

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Jul 11 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 7/7-7/13)

A recap of what’s going on at the International, Nintendo officially sponsors one of the biggest fighting tournaments, and the upcoming ESL CS:GO tournament gets some map changes. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly. The International 4: What’s Happened So Far (Author’s Note: With the International carrying over into the weekend, this recap will …

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Jul 04 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/30-7/6)

Fnatic will compete with their original five at the International 4, a Finnish Hearthstone tournament gets flak for its ban of women, the next phase of the International kicks off soon, and more, in this week’s eSports Weekly. ‘Era’ of Fnatic Will Compete at the International After tumultuous months of battling with anxiety and panic …

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Jul 03 2014

Fnatic, Valve, and The International: The Full Story

Scott recaps the weeklong struggle over a Dota player’s health and the upcoming International tournament.

Jun 27 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/23-6/29)

In this segment of eSports Weekly, we preview the upcoming ESL One tournament in Frankfurt, LoL announces the location of their World Championships as well as a new group stage format for the tournament, Twitch comes out with their top viewed games from the month of May, and more! And ice cream! And Steam summer …

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Jun 20 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/16-6/22)


eSports hits new heights in the collegiate scene, ESL announces their new CS:GO tournament, and we recap DreamHack Summer 2014. GL,HF. League of Legends Players Can Now Get College Scholarships A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the recent IHS report detailing the rise of eSports. This week, the rise continues with the announcement from …

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Jun 13 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/9-6/15)

This week in eSports Weekly, we take a look at the goings on at E3, a Dota 2 player livestreaming herself getting robbed, Awesomenauts releasing Patch 2.5, and one of the biggest eSports events of the summer, DreamHack, which kicks off this weekend. If eSports is a Dota 2 match then I’m the courier, except I’m delivering information, …

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Jun 06 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/2-6/8)

eSports is on the rise as an industry, a couple LoL players have been banned and booted from their team following some awful behavior, and Na’Vi’s expanding into the United States. The ESL Frankfurt One Tournament is shaping up, and the quarterfinals for the League Challenger series kick off this weekend. All this and more …

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