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Nov 11 2011

Review of Fusion: Genesis

You have to respect the balls needed to compete against Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim but you have to have more than chutzpah to sell a game right now.

Oct 31 2011

Review of The War of the Worlds

Because literally everything needs to become a video game at some point.

Oct 19 2011

Review of Dungeon Defenders

So in our first review of the week we have Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment. This game has been on the coming soon list for Steam for what seems like ages and just from screen shots and summary paragraphs it’s been hard to figure out exactly what it is. We’ve heard lots here say about …

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Oct 03 2011

Review of Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road

Oh play it again, Johnny Guitar.

Oct 03 2011

Review of Rotastic

Tastic isn’t exactly the suffix I’d use to describe this game.

Sep 15 2011

Review of Crimson Alliance

Let’s just say there’s a reason this was a “free gift” to all the loyal Microsoft fans who bought all of the Summer of Arcade games.

Sep 06 2011

Review of Driver: San Francisco

This is what would happen if you crossed Burnout with Starsky and Hutch and then have it directed by David Lynch.

Sep 05 2011

Review of The Baconing

Man I’m getting tired of beating this dead horse, so let’s try calling it a donkey and see if that makes it fun again.

Sep 02 2011

Review of Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon

So it’s a TV show and video game what go in one thing?

Aug 22 2011

Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Want to make other nerds really mad? Pronounce it Deuce X.

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