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Sep 02 2013

Review of Charlie Murder

My love for you is like a truck, BERSERKER!

Nov 22 2012

Review of Epic Mickey 2

The return trip to the magic kingdom doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

Oct 18 2012

Review of Forza Horizon

This feels like a game for douchebags, but I like it….hey, wait a minute…

Sep 25 2012

Review of R.A.W.

[rating=2] Man I was riding high on the ARPG hog as of late, thought the genre could spit out only gold, I never would have guessed the wind would have been taken out of my sails so quickly. I forgot how easy this genre is to screw up and how horribly uninteresting it can be when done …

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Sep 19 2012

Review of Double Dragon Neon

You guys just keeping reading, I’m going to go listen to the soundtrack over and over again until I go deaf.

Sep 17 2012

Review of Mark of the Ninja

Truly golden silence.

Jul 30 2012

Review of Deadlight

The green sheen of the Emerald City was just the fetid skin of zombies!

Jul 23 2012

Review of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

It’s time to slay some sick nostalgia brah!

Jul 18 2012

Review of Inversion

It’s finally happened. The aliens (perhaps the very same aliens who’ve advanced to the point of perfecting interstellar travel yet still have a quaint, almost nostalgic, affection for Pro bono proctology) have invaded. And no one can do anything about it. The Army’s was turned upside down, and Blackwater, being Blackwater, can’t help, having already …

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Jul 12 2012

Review of Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition

Hey guess what? Frogger is great again.

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