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Jul 22 2013

Quick Shaves: Kung Fu Rabbit (PSVITA)

Basically an off-brand Rabbids platformer, which honestly sounds like an okay idea.

Apr 23 2013

Review of Dragon Fantasy: Book I

A classically styled RPG that doesn’t quite hit all it’s marks.

Apr 10 2013

Review of Guacamelee!

I have never wanted a taco so bad in my entire life.

Feb 05 2013

Review of Let’s Fish! Hooked On

Finally the return of the fishing game though maybe with more anime jailbait than you were expecting.

Jan 02 2013

Quickshaves: Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath (PSVITA)

I used to lament the fact that Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was so underloved and under released, now there are three¬†separate¬†devices sitting on my desk right now that can play definitive HD versions of it; say what you want about J.A.W. and Oddworld Inhabitants but they are thorough at the very least. As for why this …

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Nov 21 2012

Quick Shaves: Alien Breed (PS Mobile)

Oh mobile games, such promise yet such shortfalls, whatever shall we do with you. Hell we’ve even gotten to the point where venerated PC classics can be released on your platform yet there’s always something off about them. In this case it’s simply a matter of feeling¬†unnecessary. While I’m sure many have some really strong …

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Nov 06 2012

Review of Ragnarok Odyssey

Because if Capcom and Monster Hunter aren’t going to run with the “somewhat tedious but weirdly addictive” game for the VITA ball then why shouldn’t XSEED take a crack at it.

Oct 23 2012

Review of Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Think of this kind of like Super Mario RPG, except with a lot more mouthless terrified screaming.

Oct 18 2012

Quick Shaves: SunFlowers

And a new feature type appears, the Quick Shave, because as the line between big games and small games becomes thinner and thinner we need to expand how we review things. In the past we never reviewed smaller iOS type games and with good reason as they generally didn’t require explanation, they’re dead simple and …

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Oct 10 2012

Review of New Little King’s Story

The most royal of video game consoles, the VITA.

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