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Aug 12 2014

Quick Shaves: Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited

Just as I was thinking I could use a good reason to dust off my VITA, NIS goes and gives me one with Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited. As you may have guessed Revisited is a port of the PS3 version of Disgaea 4, but as was the case with Disgaea 3′s VITA port, a fair …

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Aug 05 2014

Review of Metrico

Ironically for a game based entirely around infographics, Metrico is determined to tell you as little as possible.

Jul 22 2014

Review of Sniper Elite 3

Regardless of location, sniping down Nazis and watching them slump to the ground in a heap is still incredibly satisfying and fun, if not somewhat unsettling at times.

Jul 17 2014

Review of Abyss Odyssey

Strange genre combos and unique cultural undertones aside, this is probably ACE’s most coherent work yet, both in terms of gameplay and story, which ends up being a better thing than you might think.

Jun 30 2014

Review of Shovel Knight

I wasted all my digging puns on the Heads Up we did of this, long story short though: just go buy this game, it’s awesome.

Jun 23 2014

Review of Tomodachi Life

More of Mii than you can handle.

…ugh that was bad.

Jun 19 2014

Review of Mind Zero

Once again it’s time to dive into the murky waters of obscure recently ported JRPGs, today we have Mind Zero, which was published by Aksys Games and developed by Acquire and Zero Div. To quickly sum it up, the game is an unabashed Persona clone but it is not without its own charms. The game …

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May 30 2014

Review of The Last Tinker: City of Colours

Technically in the official title it’s “Colors”, but I’m Canadian damn it and I’m going to spell it properly.

May 21 2014

Review of Bound by Flame

Not exactly white hot, at best it’s burnt umber or possibly tangerine hot.

May 08 2014

Review of Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Nintendo’s recent efforts have gotten a mixed response from us this year, but at least I know I can always rely on HAL Labs and Kirby. The pink pudge-ball always seems to bring out the best of whatever system he’s on, using their unique features to create adventures that strongly evoke the older Kirby games …

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