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Jun 07 2010

So Dungeon Siege 3 is apparently still happening and now Obsidian is making it.

So yeah this is happening and I’m stoked.

Jun 07 2010

Review of Alien Breed Impact

See if this classic franchise stands the test of time.

Jun 04 2010

Review of Planet Minigolf

See if this childhood past time can stand up to the video game treatment.

Jun 03 2010

Review of Super Mario Galaxy 2

Find out why Super Mario Galaxy 2 is like the Hybrid car of Mario games

Jun 02 2010

Hudson reveals it’s E3 line up.

See what Hudson’s buzzing about this year.

Jun 02 2010

Review of Attack of the Movies 3D

Come see if the rail shooter Attack of the Movies 3D is a well rounded gem or if it falls flat.

May 28 2010

Review of Voodoo Dice

Voodoo Dice review

May 25 2010

Half Beard’s Harem

A post in which people are urged to look elsewhere for their porn.

May 25 2010

Insomniac is now part of the EA partners program and making multi-platform games

So yeah, this apparently happened, who saw it coming? Earlier today EA announced a publishing agreement with long time Sony developer Insomniac, who is well-known for many long-standing series such as “Spyro the Dragon”, “Ratchet and Clank”, and “Resistance”. Not a worry to Sony fans though as Insomniac president Ted Price has said: “We are going to …

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May 21 2010

Review of Aqua

[rating=3] Our second review of the day is of one of this week’s XBLA games which goes by the name Aqua. This title is the first by developer “Games Distillery” and there’s a lot of promise here. The basic premise is that you’re in a steampunk style setting where naval warfare is king and you are a top …

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