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Nov 10 2014

Desert Bus for Hope 8 Starts This Week, We Talk With the Desert Bus Team About It.

We get some road stories from the Desert Bus for Hope crew.

Sep 05 2013

UNITE 2013: Interview with David Helgason. CEO of Unity

I sit down with the big kahuna of Unity to grab his thoughts on their engine, their company, and gaming in general.

Jan 16 2013

GameSpeak: Our Interview with Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray

We sit down with the minds behind everyone’s favorite Mudokun and talk about the present, future, and past of Oddworld.

Aug 10 2012

HalfBeard’s HUDcast 8/10/2012

In which we fumble awkwardly through this dearth of gaming news.

Feb 22 2012

“Impact Krater” Our Interview with Fatshark Games

Well not only were we lucky enough to get to do a preview of Fatshark’s new dungeon crawler Krater (which will be going up tomorrow) but we were lucky enough to get an interview with the fine folks over there as well. What makes this wasteland wandering adventure better than the others? Read on and …

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Sep 09 2011

NO NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES! Our interview with Zen Studios about their defense of the XBLA.

There are always companies that people like to rail against; be it Mc Donalds, Nike, or in this case Microsoft. A story we often hear from smaller developers is how the XBLA can be kind of huge pain in the ass to deal with thanks to Microsoft’s draconian policies but today we have a happy …

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Aug 04 2011

In Which We Interview That Game Company

That Game Company is known for having a unique approach to game development, creating titles that contrast directly with the violent adrenalin-maximizers that many studios produce. (And there’s nothing wrong with adrenalin-maximaizers; don’t get me wrong.) Instead they’ve made the short, thoughtful games Flow and Flower. We’ve got an interview with some of their staff, …

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Jan 26 2011

Our interview with Fire Hose Games about their upcoming title, Slam Bolt Scrappers

We were very lucky to get an interview with up and coming developer Fire Hose Games about their new game Slam Bolt Scrappers. This plucky title has wowed at a lot of the conventions it’s been shown at and what with production nearing it’s end we got a chance to ask the team a bit …

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Sep 17 2010

Keeping your head above water: Our interview with the Hydrophobia Team

Come check out our exclusive interview the developer of the highly anticipated opening title of Games Feast, Hydrophobia.

Jul 16 2010

Our exclusive interview with developer Hothead Games about their recent title, DeathSpank.

We made a promise to you, our wonderful readers, we’d have an interview with the folks at Hothead and we do our best not to¬†disappoint so here it is, enjoy.

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