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Apr 11 2014

The Podcast Returneth

As some of our long time readers may remember, we here at Halfbeard’s HUD had the HUDcast, a podcast where we talked about games we were playing, industry news, and other gaming topics on our mind. After a overlong hiatus, we are bringing the podcast back and we want YOU to help! We will be …

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Apr 01 2013

HUDcast Episode 37

Matt and Michael spend 1.5 hours talking about how Pokemon may suck but it’s creators sure don’t, how the Cave was ultimately empty, and how the only real way to be a man is to drink the blood of a Caribou.

Mar 25 2013

HUDcast Episode 36

Matt and Michael spend 1.5 hours arguing about how the original Bioshock ended, Games as Art vs Games as Business, and respective shit factor of LEGO criminal and misreoresented tombs.

Mar 11 2013

HUDcast Episode 35

The Dumbfounded Duo returns and this week we talk about rolling dem ShadowRun bones, how we are all one but also many in the grossest way possible, and Maxis’ just released SimServerCrash.

Mar 04 2013

HUDcast Episode 34

HOLY SHIT! Michael is back! Also we talk about Dolphin birth, how PSABR made terrible life decisions, and how the ending of L.A. Noire is one big dick move.

Feb 25 2013

HUDcast Episode 33

In this episode HalfBeard talks about the PS4 and its shiny new games, how Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is a mixed bag of branding, and how it was a terrible idea to record this podcast while in a sleep deprived state.

Feb 18 2013

HUDcast Episode 32

In this episode HalfBeard talks about playing some old ass PC and PnP games, Nintendo’s Valentine’s day info dump, and cyborg symbolism.

Feb 11 2013

HUDcast Episode 31

In this episode HalfBeard talks about how Sony doesn’t seem understand people need to be told to buy their products, how Indie devs can get screwed by big business too, and how Legendary is taking up all his goddamn time.

Feb 04 2013

HUDcast Episode 30

In this episode HalfBeard talks about retooling the podcast to a one man show while Michael takes a hiatus from the podcast (don’t worry, he’s coming back eventually and he’s still writing reviews), who grabbed the pieces of the THQ pie, and the correlation between HalfBeard saying nice things about Nintendo and the chilly climes in Hell.

Jan 18 2013

HUDcast 1/18/2013

In this episode we talk about how Michael would like you to join the church of Dark Souls, how Halfbeard is ready to burn the Paper Mario, and Manager Man the true hero of the kart racing scene.

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