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Apr 16

NEWS: Sony to Sell Almost 10 Million Shares of Square-Enix

Despite Sony having a fantastic year in terms of a massively popular console launch with  solid lineup of games, they have still hit hard times. Sony forecasted a loss of $1.1 billion back in February for the fiscal period. Earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they will be selling off 9.52 million shares of …

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Apr 16

NEWS: Halo Composer Terminated from Bungie

I would argue that the music from the Halo series is just as emblematic as Master Chief’s helmet. Well, Marty O’Donnell is the composer of these orchestrated classics and he has recently been let go by Bungie. According to a tweet from O’Donnell, he is “saddened to say that Bungie’s board of directors terminated me without …

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Apr 14

NEWS: New Maps and a Free Update are Coming to Titanfall


Titanfall, the massive hit from Respawn Entertainment, will soon be getting three new maps as well as a free update. If this doesn’t excite fans of the game, nothing will. The reveal was made via Twitter at PAX East. The update is slated for sometime in May, but exact dates are still unkown. The pack, titled …

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Apr 09

NEWS: Borderlands Gets a Pre-Sequel


Despite Gearbox stating their next two projects would be new IPs, they’ve tricked us in a great way. The Borderlands franchise is getting a prequel-sequel, a pre-sequel. This game will be heading to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year. According to a post from the Gearbox website. “Set between Borderlands and Borderlands …

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Apr 08

NEWS: Xbox 360 Could Still be Backwards Compatible With Xbox One

At the Microsoft Build conference during the first week of April, development lead Frank Savage (no relation to Fred Savage…but a man can dream), stated that “There are [plans], but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately.” This was in response to an audience members question about the new console’s backwards compatibility. Apparently, the issue …

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Apr 02

NEWS: Gearbox to Reveal new Next-Gen Game


Randy Pitchford, CEO for Gearbox Software, announced in a tweet that a next-gen release will be announced later this year. It will most likely be a new IP as Gearbox has stated (at least,back in February) that they are not currently working on a new Borderlands title. Moreover, during the same announcement, Pitchford stated that Gearbox …

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Mar 30

NEWS: Alien: Isolation Launches in October


Alien: Isolation, being created by Creative Assembly, looks like it will wipe away the horrible taste of Colonial Marines and it’s set to be released this October. The news came via the official Alien: Isolation Twitter, stating: “7th October 2014. Save the date.” So far this game looks amazing and seems like it will really capture …

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Mar 27

NEWS: Starship Studios Takes Flight


The founder of both Evolution Studios as well as Digital Image Design, Martin Kenwright, has taken off into a bold new direction. Starship is a new gaming studio which will feature talent from Evolution and Studio Liverpool (Motorcross meets Wipeout, anyone?) and it’s working on cross-platform next-gen IPs. The company has stated that they are …

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Mar 25

NEWS: Double Fine Helps Indies Stay Indie


Double Fine, maybe one of today’s hottest game devs, has started spreading the love by helping smaller studios stay independent. For Example, MagicalTeamBeam has just released Escape Goat 2. The final processes of the game’s development stage were completed at Double Fine’s in San Francisco as a part of the Indie Omega Jam. “This has been …

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Mar 24

NEWS:Terraria Gets one Million Downloads


Re-Logic, the group behind the massively popular Terraria, have announced that they have surpassed 1 million downloads for all non-PC versions. All console versions have sold over 1 million copies and 1.3 million across Android and iOS. If you haven’t experienced the craft-and-explore game yet, now might be a good chance.

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