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Nov 22 2013

NEWS: Voice and Motion Commands for Xbox One Revealed

Excited to start yelling and waving at your TV? So are we! While some may have doubts about the utility of the console’s command features, they are quite novel and really offer up a distinction from the PS4. See below the cut for the complete Microsoft infographic.

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Apr 29 2013

What’s New in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nintendo gives us the skinny on what’s new in this latest version of Monster Hunter 3.

Apr 25 2013

The Evolution of Mario Tennis

Nintendo lets us know where the ball has bounced over the years when it comes their classic sports series.

Apr 22 2013

The History of Paper Mario

Nintendo shows us the roots of their classic paper based parody RPG series.

Nov 26 2012

Darwin Packing Heat: The Evolution of the FPS

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