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Dec 19 2014

Heads Up: The Witcher Adventure Game

Not actually an adventure game.

Dec 18 2014

Heads Up: JUJU

If that’s what they think a panda looks like, then someone needs to take these developers to a zoo.

Dec 16 2014

Heads Up: Deathtrap [Early Access]

I like tower defense just fine, but I like it even more when it’s been lightly sprinkled with loot.

Dec 15 2014

Review of Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy

I think I see why the legacy went unsigned, I wouldn’t want to put my name on this either.

Dec 12 2014

Heads Up: Metrocide

Nothing says stealth like a future shotgun!

Dec 11 2014

Heads Up: Massive Chalice [Early Access]

Apparently all it takes is a medieval theme and a nebulous looming evil for me to get really into eugenics.

Dec 11 2014

Heads Up: The Old City: Leviathan

While I may not agree with this game’s stance of human nature, I do like its views on big crazy bird monsters.

Dec 10 2014

Heads Up: Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

If you ever wanted to see me to MST3K an anime, well today is your day.

Dec 09 2014

Heads Up: The Marvellous Miss Take

I’m cool as a cucumber, at least until my hat blows away.

Dec 09 2014

Heads Up: Cosmonautica [Early Access]

I’m not normally one for mustaches, but some reason on a robot it works.

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