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Dec 26 2013

The Beardies 2013! HalfBeard’s HUD’s Game of the Year Awards

Well the day is finally here, our much-anticipated Game of the Year awards! We’ve spent the whole of 2013 watching all sorts of exciting and interesting new titles come down the pipe of wildly varying genres, platforms, and budgets. You’ve spent the better part of this week reading our personal top tens and getting a …

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Dec 25 2013

HalfBeard’s Top Ten Games of 2013

Our Editor-in-Chief steps up to talk about his favourite games of 2013.

Dec 24 2013

Scott’s Top Ten of 2013

Our personal top tens continue with the picks of Scott Robertson, one of the feature writers here on HalfBeard’s HUD. His experience with certain platforms and genres was a little more limited this year than that of HalfBeard or Matthew but he brought an important and distinct perspective to these awards. He’s also the only …

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Dec 23 2013

Matthew’s Top Ten Games of 2013

[Ed’s Note: Well it’s Game of the Year time here at HalfBeard’s HUD and we’ve decided to be at least semi-professional about it this time. To help give some context to our final choices though, we’re starting off with the personal top ten lists for each writer on the site who was part of our …

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