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Nov 28 2012

Crisis on Infinite Titles: Compilation Games and their Future

Seems everyone has to have their special beat-em-up involving all their big mascots. Playstation feels that having Ratchet and Jak duking it out with Kratos will pull fans back in when they’re missing a favored bandicoot, and the independent community already tried this once already, but everyone couldn’t get along. Nintendo beat everyone to the …

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Nov 19 2012

Video Games vs. Books

As far as entertainment is concerned, there is no competition; modern video games are far more immersive and engaging than books. I have no intention of implying that books are obsolete, but rather, I wish to place video games on a pedestal to be admired for all the integrity they have earned for themselves. There …

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Nov 15 2012

Fury vs Stress Relief: How Video Games Rile Me Up But Keep Me Sane

“Violent video games cause children to be violent.” It’s a headline every gamer rolls their eyes at, and one we’re very sick of hearing. It seems every time a game with a mature rating comes out, there’s someone leading the charge against it because of it’s supposed to have an effect on developing minds. First …

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Oct 15 2012

Back in Nevada: The Shittiest Game Systems known to Humankind (Part 2)

We return once again to a landfill in New Mexico, the mass grave of video-gaming and its greatest failures. We’ll dig through the piles of E.T cartridges and the discarded Nintendo Power Gloves. Hey, is that a copy of Carnival Games or Sonic 2006? Guess some things never change about hiding our skeletons. Ah, here’s …

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Oct 03 2012

The Shittiest Game Systems known to Humankind (Part 1)

Games are great, but some of the systems used to play them find themselves technically incapable of counting to ten, much less stringing together a platformer. A system-contrary to the gamers who hurt themselves by burning their eyes out or ringing out their ears through poor sound quality meant to make colored blocks your main characters …

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Aug 30 2012

Double Dragon Fever: Billy and Jimmy Need to Fight!

So, we’re now living in 2012. I think we can say that it is likely that people and circumstances have changed so that street fighters in ginny-tees and baggy jeans are probably in need of some context to fight effectively. Billy and Jimmy-young adults with a competitive streak and their whole world ahead of them-had …

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Aug 16 2012

Project Runway – Dolphin Edition: Clothing Designers + Games

Strap down the blouse, style your hair into the most freakishly spiked thing imaginable with a designer suit worth more than the amount of words of this article, and you’ve got yourself a craze. Yes, fashion has completely controlled the culture of high-schoolers, bored mothers and even the intestines of some very pampered poodles over …

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Jun 07 2012

Burning down the Auction House, Diablo 3 at 60

I’m bruised, battered and broken. I’m a rotting carcass on the sulphuric battlefield between heaven and hell. Demons poke at my lifeless figure with runic knives. Inferno has bested me. Diablo has won. After sinking in 100 something hours over the last four weeks I’ve reached Act 3 on Inferno (The fourth and hardest difficulty …

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May 30 2012

The Top 3 Magnificent Bastards in Videogames.

Is it just me or are the RPGs we play just filled to the brim with bastards.

May 16 2012

Time for A Change: The Quality Ratings System

Actually this is kind of confusing, can we go back to stars?

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