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Feb 14 2013

SEGA is Bleeding Out, and Bleeding Out Fast.

For those that haven’t noticed yet, the recent release SEGA has their name slapped on, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is an absolute flop. Gearbox has their names written all over it as well, the only difference is Borderlands is such a massive success they won’t need to worry too much about the inevitable poor sales of …

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Jan 14 2013

A Gamer’s Wish List for 2013

One of our submitters tells us what he truly wants for this new year of gaming.

Jan 07 2013

Rewards vs Restrictions: The Free-to-Play MMO’s of Revived Sagas

The two series that defined my childhood are each getting three new movies. The first in a three-part film adaptation of Tolkien’s The Hobbit came out a couple of weeks ago to mostly positive reviews, smashing box office success, and a display of nerdgasms from the audience, yours truly included. Is there a lot of …

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Jul 11 2012

What do games like SimCity teach us?

I have recently started playing SimCity 4 Rush Hour, and I’ve got to admit that it sure is a classic. I stopped playing after SimCity 3000. It was a long time back but now that I started the game again, I am hooked. What is it in Maxis games that get’s us hooked to them …

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May 14 2012

Multiplayer vs. Single-player: Time to Draw a Line?

Recently I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with shift in focus from single-player to multiplayer that has typified console gaming for the last few years. Over time, single-player content has become more and more restricted in favour of providing a co-op or multiplayer experience that rarely deviates from established norms. Instead of innovation within …

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Apr 30 2012

CALL OF DUTY: Dude, Where’s My Action!?

When rhis rather boring game starts getting good. Really should've stepped it up sooner with American Tanks.

[Ed’s Note: Alright so recently Matthew accidentally took a coconut to the head Gilligan’s Island style and woke up thinking he was a “Bro”. While this was quickly rectified by another blow to the head by an irate donkey he did manage to write a single article in that period; it’s a piece on the …

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Mar 14 2012

Pokémon and the Portal of Power

Because as much as we all love Spyro there have to be licenses that could better use this technology

Mar 12 2012

The Realistic Game Genre

You know when you play a game and the little things make you think, “wow that is a great implementation of a very simple idea which makes the game very realistic and really helps draw me in”. Although sometimes the games don’t exactly put themselves at the top of their genre or even win acclaim …

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