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Oct 23 2013

7 Concepts Pokemon Should Never Do Again

It’s still evolving…

Oct 15 2013

The 3 Best and 3 Worst Uses of Famous Actors in Video Games

I’m going to be real with you all. Early on in high school I had a huge crush on Ellen Page. This was a strange time for me, as I was first realizing I was becoming one of the kids who thought indie things were cool. I started listening to the Decemberists. I started wearing …

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Sep 30 2013

Sandbox Mayhem In the Big City – 7 Potential Activities for GTA’s Future

I barely got a glimpse of the dude in the original Godfather game. I want a full reenactment.

The Grand Theft Auto series from start-to-finish has upped the ante more and more over the years with what you can do. The biggest contender is San Andreas with sports, dating, fast-food employment and the occasional bit of skydiving. Grand Theft Auto IV turned down the quantity for the quality; dates were more inclined to …

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Sep 20 2013

4 Potential Places and Protagonists of the Next GTA

It’s here. It’s finally here. Grand Theft Auto V is upon us at last, and it looks like Rockstar has made their biggest and best GTA yet. Three brand new protagonists have been given to us to cause chaos, explore, and dare I say it, occasionally complete missions. And as if we needed even more …

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Aug 28 2013

6 Reasons Why We Dislike MOBAs.

This new genre, originally designed from the hero system of Warcraft 3’s Custom Map community and the limited amount of customization you could attribute to its growth has exploded into a full-fledged genre. Personally, I think it’s gonna burn up for overextending its reach. I usually can’t stand the notion of PVP, but the MOBA …

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Aug 19 2013

The Fall Releases You Aren’t Already Excited For


You’re a smart person, you already know what the big releases are this fall. The open-world sandbox kings are back with Saints Row IV, a game that seeks to blend every other sandbox game together with its wild and whacky style. And of course we’ll also be seeing Grand Theft Auto V, featuring a multiplayer …

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Aug 08 2013

The Top 5 Tropical Islands in Video Games

Nothing spells fun like a rhino in a box

With the August sun upon us, there’s nothing better than heading into the great outdoors. However, we don’t always get the time to spend outside. Jobs and other commitments may have us spending more time in stuffy buildings than brisk, outdoor adventures. And even then, if we do get time for a vacation, many of …

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Aug 05 2013

3 Crossover DLC’s We’d Love to See

Warning: The following may contain potential plot spoilers for Bioshock: Infinite, Portal 2, and potentially other games. There’s also a terrible pun. You’ve been warned. So the first in plot-related DLC for Bioshock: Infinite has been announced with Burial at Sea, an add-on to the story that features Booker and Elizabeth in the underwater city …

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Jul 26 2013

The 7 Best “Groundhog Day” Games

While Groundhog Day really only spoke of the horrors and social implications of being stuck in a time loop, more fun and interesting methodologies have taken place within the same storytelling concept. It is a matter of changing history through time, but it is also the matter by which the inevitability of the events that …

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Jul 19 2013

Mouse Made Mayhem: Ideal Point-and-Click Adventure Games

The success of indie games such as Limbo, Bastion, The Journey, and Mark of the Ninja aren’t because of the elaborate gameplay mechanics that the big-titled $60 releases are known for. These games sneak their way into our Steam Libraries, our Xbox Live Downloads, and our PSN Library because of their simplified gameplay, innovative art …

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