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Sep 16 2014

NEWS: Microsoft Buys Mojang, Minus Minecraft Creators


Many of you by now have surely heard of Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, the studio behind the massively popular game, Minecraft. The deal cost Microsoft $2.5 billion. They expect to break even during the current fiscal year while also maintaining that Minecraft will remain available on other platforms including PC, mobile, and their competitor’s consoles. On …

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Aug 19 2014

The Infidelity Debacle: The Internet has Eaten it’s Own Tail.


I have spent the last day or so watching a god damn war erupt on the internet over the alleged infidelity of a rather notable indie dev. Now I’m not going to relate the details here, it’s a rather private matter for those involved and not our business, but one of the supposed partners was …

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May 28 2013

Xbox One: Rumor is that it Might Play Games

On Tuesday, May 21st, Microsoft unveiled their upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox One. As of this year, the Xbox 360 has sold over 76 million units worldwide. Even when faced with criticism over their system’s stability (about ⅓ systems would face the ‘red ring of death’) and their comparatively costly Xbox Live subscription, the system …

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May 24 2013

EA and Star Wars: A New Hope?

The question on the mind of every Star Wars video game fan is what’s going to happen to the Star Wars franchise since the closing of LucasArts and the acquisition of the license to Star Wars games by Electronic Arts. Given EA’s back-to-back “Worst Company in America” awards, matched with their highly controversial takeovers and …

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Apr 18 2013

Why NBA 2K13 Is More Of An RPG Than Most RPG’s

Sports games don’t get a lot of love on this site. If genres were children, sports games would be forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs, and sit quietly in the corner when first-person shooter comes over to brag about their fantastic opening weekend and thriving multiplayer community. Imagine dealing with friends, family, …

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Mar 21 2013

The Age of Easymode: Games and their Difficulty

The one everyone knows. And of course, the easy mode is Luigi. Can't even play as the guy until you beat the game once.

I’m an adult who hails from the late eighties with the NES as my standard system, so I could casually call myself some kind of fanatic for a challenge. For all the young kids who actually have an interest in gaming of the old days, I congratulate your curiosity and give you a warning; the games of …

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Feb 26 2013

Sony Unveils the PS4: A Rundown of What We Got & What It Means.

Today we’re lucky enough to have one of our favourite submitters, D’arcy Briggs, run down the ins and outs of the recent PS4 event and what those mean both to us gamers and to the developers.

Feb 25 2013

Why You Should Play Path of Exile: How a F2P Game Did Diablo Better Than Diablo

At this point in time I’m completely unable to think a witty new way to start writing a piece about an action rpg. The 2012 action rpg-apocalypse has exhausted me. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped playing ARPG’s though. Oh no, the gaming gods are yet to release me of that particular addiction. Path of Exile is …

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Feb 22 2013

Interstellar Militarization: Video Games’ Obsession With Space Marines


So we talked about content creation last week, but this time around we’re going to chat about an issue of a lack of original content. More and more we’re seeing a trend developing in the gaming industry that promotes the idea of space marines. These games frequently involve a single soldier or squad of galactic …

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Feb 20 2013

Animaniacs Was Right: Stories and Cute Animation

Meta-cartoons at their best. Ignore the mice: they never did clean up that water tower. I eagerly await those death threats.

For one of the most influential cartoons of the late nineties, Animaniacs knew many things about the current trends of animation and what would become a staple of not only the visual media, but videogames as well. One of those trends was a change in our conventional medium and how stories were presented; Like Batman: The …

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