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Oct 07 2015

Heads Up: I Can’t Escape: Darkness

I’m worried less about the darkness than I am the litany of fractures I must have from repeatedly falling down all those holes.

Oct 06 2015

Heads Up: Heroes of Might & Magic 7

Seriously, the story here takes the form of a god damn round table debate; How hard could that possibly be to animate?

Oct 06 2015

Heads Up: Euclidean

Big chunky polygons really do work amazingly well for rendering creatures that are by their very definition “indescribable”.

Oct 05 2015

[Halloween Adventures] HalfBeard Survives Bad Mojo Part 1

Our month of travels through terror begins with a trip to the wonderful world of mid ’90s FMV.

Oct 05 2015

Heads Up: Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

I feel like naming one of my fighters “Head Wound” is just asking for trouble.

Oct 02 2015

Heads Up: Albino Lullaby

I don’t know why, but I get a real Pink Floyd vibe from this game.

Oct 01 2015

Heads Up: SOMA

As if the ocean floor wasn’t awful and scary enough…

Sep 30 2015

At the End of the Year HalfBeard’s HUD Will be Closing Down.

Sep 30 2015

Heads Up: Concrete Jungle

I could make a joke about politicians treating civil planning like a game, but frankly the approach shown here seems more efficient than the reality.

Sep 29 2015

Review of Persona 4: Dancing All Night

“Persona 4: Dancing All Night is one last jubilant hurrah for the Midnight Channel, a fitting end to Yu and his crew’s story.”

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