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Jul 03 2015

Heads Up: Drive Any Track [Early Access]

I love that this futuristic neon wonderland has what is essentially the Monopoly car in it.

Jul 02 2015

Heads Up: Kings of Kung Fu

And now I need to go watch a Shaw Brothers marathon.

Jun 30 2015

Heads Up: RONIN

Motorcycle helmets are the new cowls, they’re so much more practical.

Jun 29 2015

Heads Up: Monument

It’s probably best not to ask exactly what this is supposed to be a monument to.

Jun 26 2015

Heads Up: Turmoil [Early Access]

There’s black gold in them thar hills!

Jun 25 2015

Heads Up: BIOS [Early Access]

Debugging a motherboard involves a lot more guns than I remember.

Jun 22 2015

Review of Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition

One of the two games in this package manages to not feel like a grindy mobile game and to my surprise it wasn’t the one centered around everyone’s favourite plumber.

Jun 19 2015

eSports Weekly (Week of 6/15-6/21, 2015)

In this post-E3 edition of eSports Weekly, we preview this weekend’s Dota 2 action in the ESL One Frankfurt finals, we once again recap and preview the respective European and North American LCS action, and take a look at how the world of esports might change after E3. This and more in this week’s eSports …

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Jun 18 2015

Heads Up: TIS-100 [Early Access]

Who’s ready to get in way over their heads.

Jun 17 2015

Heads Up: Adventures of Pip

This is sadly not the “Great Expectations” video game adaptation that the world has been waiting for.

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