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Apr 24 2015

Heads Up: Zen Pinball 2 (…again)

They keep releasing tables and my raging love for video pinball is as strong as ever, that’s really all the excuse I need.

Apr 23 2015

Heads Up: Toukiden Kiwami

We slay some Oni. We’re definitely not hunting and they’re definitely not monsters, put those thoughts out of your head.

Apr 22 2015

Heads Up: Hero Generations

We come face to face with two of history’s greatest killers: Time and the Random Number Generator.

Apr 21 2015

Heads Up: Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords

The age has only been made more wondrous with the addition of off-brand white walkers and cat men.

Apr 16 2015

Heads Up: Westerado: Double Barreled


Apr 14 2015

Heads Up: Killing Floor 2 [Early Access Preview]

Nothing says friendship like exploding zombie heads.

Apr 13 2015

HalfBeard Survives Deadly Premonition Part 1

And so begins another descent into madness, but at least this time the game seems to be laughing with me.

Apr 13 2015

Heads Up: Ironcast

Only the dapperest of mechs will do.

Apr 08 2015

Heads Up: Runestone Keeper

Dungeon delving kept simple.

Apr 07 2015

Review of Etrian Mystery Dungeon

I got more or less exactly what I was hoping for out of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, with it paying full respect to both its parental franchises and carrying forward their strengths, creating an interesting and unique experience all its own.

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