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The Faces and Names of the Nerds who Write Here

Matt “HalfBeard” Broitman – Editor-in-Chief

IMG_0012Matt created the site a few years back as a way to break into games journalism and express his love for all things gaming, since then he has worked hard to make HalfBeard’s HUD a source of gamig related content you can trust and enjoy. He’s a video game nerd through and through with quite a few systems and innumerable games under his belt. His former time as a stand up comedian keeps him trying to write funny and engaging articles while his passion for the medium keeps them informative as well. You can contact Matt via Steam at HalfBeard, XBOX live at “Halfbearding”, via PSN at “Sakaar”, or just bug him on Twitter via @MattBroitman.

Matthew “Aurabolt” Szlapka -Feature Writer

Me, In All My Glory

A young man looking for work in the real life, Matthew “Aurabolt” Szlapka has been immersed in video games and gaming of all sorts since his early years of watching and listening. With a head full of Autism, and a heart filled with crispy goodness, he is willing and able to write reviews and feature articles for the world to see. While his favorite genre of gaming has-and always will be RPGs- he is vicious player of all kinds of games from all genres: FPS to Indie. He is an old-school gamer, but not adverse to a new generation…unless it involves sports games; If the playground or sports stadium isn’t playing them, why are they on his screen unless he’s watching? (In apology to nerds everywhere, he at least likes to watch sports.) He is also a hefty writer and reading, trying to write a book while also searching for more games and other media that he can enjoy…It just happens that most of it is video games. He can’t help it, it was in his blood since childhood for “hand-eye coordination.” Please stop looking at him like that.

Scott Robertson – News Writer

profilepicAfter two years of writing features for HalfBeard’s HUD, Scott Robertson began a weekly column for eSports at the beginning of the summer of 2014. Whether it’s eSports coverage, team PR, event hosting and coverage, or something else, he’s looking to expand his knowledge and experience to make a career in eSports. He also works with eSports team Ninjas in Pyjamas, helping them with coverage of their CS:GO team’s efforts on their website. His favorite competitive games to play are CS:GO and Awesomenauts, and is trying his best to become better at Dota 2 and LoL. His favorite non-competitive games include the Star Wars Old Republic games (yes, including the MMO), Sid Meier’s Civ V, Skyrim, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, and State of Decay. You can find Scott on Steam as Ser 20 Oz Pounce, on Xbox Live as Scotsman716, and on Twitter @srobertron

D’Arcy Briggs – News Writer & Social Media Manager


D’Arcy Briggs is a student at the University of Victoria and has a degree in History with a focus on Canada. He is also an improviser and works for the Victoria BC Ska Society. D’Arcy has been playing games since the early 90s on many platforms and enjoys Racing, Adventure, and Role-playing games. You can find him on Steam and PSN as ‘Darcyska’.


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  1. Timetwister

    Shadow, wich one of those guys is you?

    1. Jason S.

      Hey Time, It’s me (Shadow). I am going by the name Jason/ Kingvespa on here. Hopefully you enjoy my article on cosplay, and the future articles of my friends and me!

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