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Scott Robertson has been an avid gamer for well over a decade now, despite not being two decades old himself. Receiving an N64 when he was six led him down the road he walks today, as his infatuation with Mario Kart 64 soon turned into a deep passion for all video games. After discovering the perfect blend of game-playing and having a social life in high school, and leaving his WoW phase behind him, he spent his first year away from his Midwestern home going to college on the East Coast. Upon returning home, he began writing about games back in July of 2012, discovering he had a knack for them. His all-time favorites include Knights of the Old Republic, the Battlefront series, NBA 2K11, Fallout 3, the Backyard Sports series, and The Simpsons: Hit & Run. You can find Scott on Steam as Reverend Jones, on Xbox Live as Scotsman716, and on Twitter @srobertron.

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Dec 12 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 12/8-12/14)

Whether you’re taking a break from your rigorous finals studying, or celebrating that all the work is done, eSports Weekly is here for you! This week, after being bought by Amazon, Twitch makes a significant purchase of their own! CS:GO gets an update to a classic map and some of its important weapons, ESL announces …

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Dec 05 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 12/1-12/6)

Thanksgiving holiday was last weekend, if you were worried why there was no article this past Friday. I’ll have you know I was pleasantly stuffed with all things glutinous while enjoying a few days down in New Orleans, Louisiana. But now is the time for praise, because eSports Weekly is back, and this time we’re …

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Nov 21 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 11/17-11/23)

It’s patch fever here on eSports Weekly! We’re looking at the new updates for League and Dota 2, as well as the opening tournaments for the Halo Championship Series. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly! LoL: Patch 4.20 Released, LCS Allows On-Stage Coaching During Drafts It’s been a big week of changes for …

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Nov 14 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 11/10-11/16)

It’s finally snowing here in quiet Rhode Island, so that means it’s time to put on your wool socks and snuggle up to your favorite weekly eSports column! This week we recap the events of BlizzCon, discuss the latest CS:GO update,  talk about the ongoing King of Kings tournament, and more, in this week’s eSports …

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Nov 07 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 11/3-11/9)

This week, 343 Industries announces a competitive Halo league, an ugly incident at the eSports World Cup takes place, a huge roster shake-up changes the competitive Counter-Strike scene, our Editor-in-Chief reports in from a Nintendo Smash Club event, and much more in this week’s eSports Weekly. 343 Industries Announces Halo Championship Series, Partnering With ESL …

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Oct 31 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/27-11/2)

This week, we gear up for the main event of the eSports World Championships for CS:GO, as well as all of the world championships for Blizzard games this weekend. We also discuss a huge LoL team shakeup, and more, in this week’s eSports Weekly. CS:GO: ESWC Group Stage Results, Main Event Preview The eSports World …

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Oct 24 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/20-10/26)

The League of Legends World Championships produced a grand champion, and then ALL THE ROSTER CHANGES started to happen. And ESL made some major announcements that fans of Microsoft will thoroughly enjoy. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly. LoL: Worlds Finals Recap And Post-World Roster Change Madness The grand finals of the 2014 …

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Oct 17 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/13-10/19)

This week, we preview the climactic Grand Finals of the 2014 LoL World Championships, we take a look at the upcoming qualifiers for the CS:GO DreamHack Winter event, and Sony has started a new eSports league. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly. League of Legends World Championships Grand Finals Preview A month ago …

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Oct 10 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/6-10/12)

The semifinals of the League of Legends World Championships and the grand finals of ESL One NY Dota 2 are set to kick off, a CS:GO player gets VAC banned in the middle of a tournament game, and some judgmental prick doesn’t understand why anyone would want to watch someone play video games. This and …

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Oct 03 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 9/29-10/5)

More updates from the League of Legends World Championships! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets a new update and a new major tournament announced! And Blizzard want a better eSports product from World of Warcraft? This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly! League of Legends World Championships Update The knockout rounds of the LoL World Championships …

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