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Jul 15 2013

Summer Slog: 7 PC Games to Suck Up Your Down Time.

When someone plays a game, they expect to be able to relax and enjoy themselves for a period of time or to complete something within that period. This article will focus on that period of time where you lose yourself into the game due to the magnitude of your laziness. An incredible amount of gameplay …

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Jul 02 2013

Wasted Potential: 7 Great Licenses That Were Used Poorly

A good product comes from a good premise and video games are no exception; good ideas erupt from both the independent and mainstream communities from very talented and dedicated people. This of course means that these people work quite hard to succeed and thrive but executive meddling, time constraints, and fan complaints (worthy or otherwise) …

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Jun 28 2013

Animal Captialism – 7 Things Tom Nook will Charge You For.

 Animal Crossing is turning a new leaf this year, and despite my incredibly bad puns, I think we need to talk about what exactly the most powerful person will be up to. And while you might be the mayor, and that’s all well and good, all of the stubby adults of Animal Crossing know that …

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Jun 19 2013

7 Future Neo/Post-Apocalyptic Cities Gaming Needs

I haven’t had the chance to play Remember Me yet and see Neo-Paris, but I have had the pleasure of seeing other futuristic fantasy stories and games such as Mad Max, A.I: Artificial Intelligence, Fallout, Metro 2033 and the all-important classic Brave New World. I would also have put The Matrix on that list, but …

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Jun 06 2013

The 7 Best Racing Games for Non-Racing Fans

I used to watch a lot of Top Gear. Not for the information or because I have an interest in cars, but for the fact that three snarky Englishmen who have some instinctual need to one-up the other is really, really funny. I think the same way when it comes to my choice in racing …

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May 29 2013

Suck on This: The 6 Best Vampire Hunters in Videogames

I am sick and tired of vampires. It’s not the mythos or the terror that gets to me, it is how warped it has all become in my eyes thanks to the over-dramatic, over-exposed drivel that proceeds to make them all sexy fanbait for sullen teenagers everywhere. These things are supposed to suck the life …

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May 06 2013

The 5 Most Historically-Inaccurate Video Games

History keeps changing all the time. We learn that things we took for granted like great libraries and technologies we lost long ago  due to fire and war, interpreting the dark times differently with new information. Literature and video games like to use history as a narrative tool, changing small parts of our history to …

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Apr 30 2013

7 Genre Parody Games We Need to See

Don’t worry JRPGs aren’t on this list. I think we’ve had quite enough of that genre’s attempts at humor…cough cough…HyperDimension Neptunia…cough cough

Apr 12 2013

“Truly Vintage Gaming: Four Indie Devs Who Can Do No Wrong”

I was into the Independent Gaming circle well before it was cool. After all, what was I going to play? I’d seen Modern Warfare back in the nineties with the rest of the good parts of the genre, and hey Dead Rising? Zombies Ate My Neighbors called. It wants its style back. It evokes the …

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Mar 21 2013

The Age of Easymode: Games and their Difficulty

I’m an adult who hails from the late eighties with the NES as my standard system, so I could casually call myself some kind of fanatic for a challenge. For all the young kids who actually have an interest in gaming of the old days, I congratulate your curiosity and give you a warning; the games of …

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