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Jul 11 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 News Being Teased for Comic-Con

A few people in the fighting circles thought Jill, Shuma-Gorath, and the DLC costumes were the end for post-launch support on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Comic-Con may yet prove them wrong! The Comic-Con schedule describes MvC3’s panel. 11:00-12:00 Marvel vs. Capcom— Fighting fans! Come to this panel to hear the fantastic news about this legendary …

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Jul 08 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Will Have a Color Blind Assist Option


Color blindness is more likely than you think. Even I have a color blind friend, which I found out when I asked him to try Super Puzzle Fighter HD, of all games. Sledgehammer Games is proud to report that Modern Warfare 3 will not be neglecting this demographic.

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Jul 06 2011

Best Buy Strengthening Their Used Game Plan With Store-within-a-Store Concept


Gamestop has, for the longest time, been our go-to used game retail store. Big box stores don’t carry used goods and mom & pop style stores are getting quashed left and right. But some time ago, Best Buy entered the fray to challenge Gamestop. And now they’re going put the pressure on Gamestop by using …

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Jul 04 2011

Need for Speed: The Run is Looking For Spokesmodels


From what I hear, Need for Speed: The Run will be introducing some questionable quick time events that involve getting out of you car and well, running. Doesn’t sound terribly fun. But you know what is fun? Models! Or at least a special kind of fun I guess. Electronic Arts is holding a contest in …

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Jul 03 2011

Unfinished Build of Gears of War 3 Leaked


Looks like Gears of War 3 has been leaked to the internet for all pirates to enjoy. Fortunately there’s a bit of a catch so that means Epic isn’t going to lose tons of money on this leak. What was specifically leaks is some sort of unfinished build like what was used for E3. While …

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Jul 01 2011

Red Dead Redemption Celebrates 4th of July With 4x Experience, More DLC


If you thought Red Dead Redemption’s post-launch plans ended at Undead Nightmare, you are sorely mistaken! Going on right now, Red Dead’s multiplayer is rewarding cowboys and banditos with a 4x experience multiplier until the end of 4th of July. And they have one more pack of DLC planned. And it’ll probably be free. More …

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Jun 30 2011



One of last year’s stand out Summer of Arcade titles, LIMBO, is probably on its way to PSN. GameSetWatch reports that the Korean Ratings Board has rated the game as 15+ for the Playstation Network. In case you don’t know, when a game gets an official age rating from an organization, it’s often taken as …

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Jun 28 2011

Supreme Court Rules on Brown vs. Entertainment Media Association, Games Are Protected Speech


Last night on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the video game industry on the case of Brown vs. the Entertainment Media Association.

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Jun 26 2011

The Lulz is Over: LulzSec Ends Their Hacking Rampage


LulzSec has announced that they’re officially ending their operations, as it was always their plan to end their shenanigans after 50 days.

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Jun 24 2011

Brink’s Free DLC Confirmed for July 30


When Brink released, I may have tried too hard to justify playing it. Luckily, I rented it, so I only ponied up $2 to try this grand experiment. But now Splash Damage has confirmed the date of its DLC for July 30, which will also be free for two weeks after it releases. Trying to …

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