Nov 09 2015

NEWS: Desert Bus for Hope Rides Again on November 14th

blue-xlAs reported in years past, Desert Bus for Hope will once again be hitting the road come November 14th at exactly 10AM PST. For those not in the know, DBH raises money for Child’s Play, a charity that raises funds to purchase toys and games for children in over 70 hospitals around the world. DBH raises money by playing Desert Bus for the Sega CD, widely regarded as being one of the most boring games of all time. The more money donated, the longer they play. Doesn’t sound too interesting, right? Well, the DBH crew (mostly made up of members from Loading Ready Run) makes things interesting with live call-in guests, special giveaways, live and silent auctions, and a crew of folks willing to do just about anything on camera to earn those dollars.

Guests announced for this year so far include Ash Burch (Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’?), Mikey Neumann (Gearbox Software), and Jimmy Wong (Video Game High School). A few prizes and giveaways up for grabs are lots for DOTA 2, WoW, Xbox 360, MTG, and even a Mother merchandise prize lot. You can find the whole story at the official website.

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