Oct 13 2015

NEWS: Star Wars Battlefront Reveals Season Pass and New Modes

rendition1.imgEA has just announced details regarding the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront, as well as some new gameplay modes. The pass will feature four packs of DLC, with no timeline yet announced. Buyers will also get early access to each expansion as well as a “Shoot First” emote. The same post mentions the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition which contains the Deluxe Edition of the game as well as the season pass. Info for modes such as Droid Run, Cargo, and Hero Hunt have also been revealed. Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall explains Droid Run.“There are three active objectives on the map that you need to control. These aren’t just any objectives – what you need to get a hold of are three different GNK Droids. What’s particularly charming with these is that they’re all moving and have to be caught before the capture process can start. This creates a more dynamic and action-filled experience.” The mode is 6V6, 10 minutes per round, and no vehicle use. Cargo is essentially a rebrand of the classic CTF mode. “This is how it works: Rebels and Imperials both have a base on the map where valuable cargo is stored. Your objective is to run into the enemy base, pick up the cargo, and return it to your home base. It’s a classic concept, but we’ve added one twist: you don’t need to have your own cargo in your base in order to bring back the cargo you’ve taken from your enemies. This creates a tug of war experience where you simply need to collect as much cargo as possible.” Finally, Hero Hunt is like a deadly game of tag. “Hero Hunt beings with one player starting as either a Hero or Villain character depending on the planet you’re playing on. The other seven players spawn as troopers of the opposing side. Thus, a tense seven-versus-one hunt begins. Should you deliver the killing blow on the current Hero or Villain you take their place, spurred on by a short, cinematic sequence as you respawn. The hunter now the hunted, your job is to defeat those in pursuit and survive as long as possible in the boots of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or whichever iconic character is up based on the pre-determined order.”


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