Sep 25 2015

NEWS: Star Wars Battlefront Beta Comes October 8

BattlefrontA short time away in a galaxy right here… Gamers will be ready for the open beta of Star Wars Battlefront which launches on October 8th. The beta will be available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The beta will feature three modes with different locations: Walker Assault on Hoth, Drop Zone on Sullust, and Survival Mission on Tatooine. Participants will also have access to the Star Wars Battlefront Companion, which features a card game which lots out in-game credits to purchase weapons, Star Cards, and more. The Battlefront Companion also lets players see stats, customize load-outs and appearance, and connect with others. To register for the beta, click here. The download will be about 7 gigs for console players and 11 on the PC. A Q&A for the beta can also be found here.

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