Sep 11 2015

NEWS: Pokemon Go Details Announced, Nintendo Enters Mobile Space in a big way

169Many of us were hesitant when Nintendo announced their entry into the mobile market. Sure, they could make some great games for our devices, but would it come at the cost of their own platforms? While only time will tell if this shift in strategy will have a marked effect on their console output, it looks like they certainly have come out swinging with Pokemon Go. The game is being produced in partnership with The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs, well-known for their AR game, Ingress. I’ve never been a massive fan of mobile gaming, but it is hard to deny the domination that this game will most likely have on the market. The Pokemon series to date has sold over 260 million copies, and one can only imagine how many downloads Pokemon Go will have. The game is set for release sometime in 2016, the game will use GPS and AR technology to incorporate the catch-and-battle nature of Pokemon with the best of smartphone technologies. The game so far has been slated as free-to-play with no announced monetization model. Nintendo is also producing a bracelet called Pokemon Go Plus. Though optional for the game, the bracelet will alert players with notifications to things such as nearby Pokemon, and allow them to perform certain in-game actions. iOS and Android versions of the game have been planned so far.

Again, I’ve never been one for gaming on mobile devices and I don’t know how complete of an experience this will be, but it is certainly one of the biggest ways that Nintendo could have planned to enter the mobile market.

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