Aug 21 2015

eSports Weekly (Week of 8/17-8/23, 2015)

It’s another busy week of eSports! The ESL One Cologne major is ongoing, the LCS finals are tomorrow, and the Dota 2 scene is being turned on its head one more time with a reshuffle. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly!

CS:GO: ESL One Cologne Group Stage Results and Main Event Preview

kinguinAfter a full two days of group stage play, we have the elite eight teams who will compete in the main event of the ESL One Cologne major.

In Group A, Team Solomid held off a potential second half recovery by Renegades in their first game, before dominating a struggling Ninjas in Pyjamas squad in the winner’s match 16-3 to earn the first spot in the main event. EnVyUs destroyed FlipSid3 16-3 in their first match of Group B play, and narrowly defeated Luminosity 19-16 in overtime of the winner’s match to advance. Fnatic had no trouble in Group C, defeating both eBettle and Na’Vi 16-2 to move on. Virtus.Pro defeated Immunity in their first Group D game, and then took down the dangerous American team Cloud 9 to advance directly to the main event.

On day two, the remaining teams were reshuffled, with the second place teams from each day one group getting placement in the winner’s finals of the second day groups. Kinguin won two close games against Immunity and Cloud 9, sending the Americans and the Australians home, and earning the opportunity to face TSM in the quarterfinals. eBettle nearly pulled off the upset against CLG, but the second American squad would hold on 16-14 to face Na’Vi, but Na’Vi came out on top in another 16-14 game to go to the main event and face EnVyUs. Renegades put on a show against Titan, defeating the French squad 16-9, but were sacrificed to a much better looking NiP team 16-5, much to the delight of caster fifflaren, who held the trophy up on this stage last year with NiP. NiP will face Virtus.Pro in the quarterfinals. Finally, a close match between mousesports and FlipSid3 went in the favor of FlipSid3, who went on to face Luminosity. The last game of the day on Cobblestone was close again, going back and forth throughout the match, eventually reaching double overtime, but Luminosity would finally come out on top despite a strong performance by FlipSid3’s b1ade.

LoL: Challenger Playoffs Results, LCS Finals Preview

origen amazingWith just over a week of LCS action left before the break before Worlds, we know which two teams have ensured spots to Worlds, and which teams have already earned their place in the 2016 Spring Split.

In the finals of the Challenger Series summer playoffs, Dignitas.EU defeated mouseports to earn a certified spot in the next spring split of the European LCS. mouseports, along with the 3rd place CS winner Gamers2, will face the 8th & 9th place teams from this past LCS split: SK Gaming and Gambit. SK will face G2, and Gambit will face mousesports. On the western side of the pond, Renegades came back from being down 2-1 in the finals to take the series 3-2 against Team Coast, riding on the back of AD Carry Maplestreet, who picked up 22 kills, 21 assists, and just one death in the final two games. Coast and 3rd place winner Imagine will face Team 8 and Enemy eSports. Coast will face Enemy, and Imagine will face Team 8. All these matches will take place at the Spring Promotion tournament two weeks from now.

But the story of the LCS summer split reaches its final chapter this weekend. On the line is the title of summer split champions and an automatic place at Worlds. In the European finals in Stockholm, the still undefeated Fnatic will face the challengers from last split’s Challengers Series, Origen. The question isn’t whether Origen will win or not, it’s whether they can even win a single game against Fnatic, who haven’t lost in their last 21 games. Meanwhile, in NYC’s Madison Square Garden, it’s a rivalry as old as the LCS itself: TSM vs CLG. CLG have finally reached the grand finals for the first time as a team, and they’d love to win their first split and automatically go to Worlds at the loss of TSM. But TSM have turned it on in the playoffs as they usually do, and won’t fall to their rivals so easily.

So let’s talk Worlds qualification, here’s some points you should be aware of.

  • Win or lose, TSM and Fnatic have both qualified. Even if they lose, each of them would still lead in overall championship points.
  • If TSM wins, and Team Liquid wins 3rd place game, then Liquid gets second seed as the team with most championship points, and CLG goes to Regional Qualifier. If Impulse wins the 3rd place game, they will be tied with CLG for overall championship points, but CLG will get second seed because they have more summer championship points.
  • If Fnatic wins, whoever wins the 3rd place game between H2k and Unicorns of Love will go to Worlds as the second seed.

Dota 2: The Post-TI5 Shuffle Recap

aui is adLast week we reported the releasing of the Dota 2 roster by the Cloud 9 organization. But that was just the tip of the iceberg that is the period of reshuffling that takes place just a couple weeks after the International. An iceberg filled with drama and uncertainty that we’re going to chip away at one block at a time.

First, later in that same day the Cloud 9 roster was dropped, the reigning champions shocked the Dota 2 community with a massive announcement. Evil Geniuses dropped Aui_2000, and announced that they were adding former EG player Arteezy, moving their veteran Fear to the support role. The announcement from EG manager Charlie Yang, said that the decision was made by the members of the EG roster, citing that the current lineup featuring Arteezy is what they wanted moving forward. Arteezy didn’t leave Secret drama-free, as he explained on his stream that he and Kuroky did not get along at all. The EG roster has now been confirmed for the upcoming ESL One New York major: Arteezy, Fear, SumaiL, UNiVeRsE, and ppd.

Arteezy leaving Secret isn’t the only change to the team that formed in this year’s post-TI shuffle. In fact, the whole roster is being changed. Zai is returning to school, but has expressed that he wants to return to playing Dota 2, and will stick with Secret as a sub. Kuroky is reportedly leaving to form an all-German team with FATA, who was just released by C9. And S4 will reportedly go to Alliance to replace the departing Pajkatt. It seems Puppey will be the only original player remaining on Secret, as confirmed by Zai on his stream. Remember, none of these changes have been officially announced, so keep that in mind. Secret director Kemal Sadikoglu said today that the roster would be announced soon.

Additionally, Aui_2000 has already finalized his new roster, which will be announced shortly. Arteezy said on his stream that EternalEnvy and Puppey are playing together, but we don’t know where yet, although Secret could be a safe bet. Finally, CDEC Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Virtus.Pro are all keeping their rosters the same. You can look at all the rumors, confirmed or otherwise, on the Post-TI5 Reshuffle Megathread on the Dota 2 subreddit.

Radar Blips

  • Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament expansion will be released this Monday, August 24th. This weekend, Blizzard uploaded all 132 cards that will be added to the expansion onto their Facebook. The new card packs will be available for purchase on Monday. [Blizzard’s official announcement]
  • Smash: Super Smash Bros. Melee is finally coming to DreamHack. The popular fighting game has been requested at DreamHack events for years, and now it’s finally here. DreamHack London in September will feature a tournament with $20,000 in prizes, and DreamHack Winter will feature a doubles and singles tournament with $30,000 on the line. DreamHack London will take place at the same time as the HTC Throwdown Super Smash Bros Melee event in San Francisco, so not all the top talent will be at DreamHack, but reigning Evo champion Armada will be at the DreamHack event. [DreamHack’s official announcement]

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