Dec 12 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 12/8-12/14)

Whether you’re taking a break from your rigorous finals studying, or celebrating that all the work is done, eSports Weekly is here for you! This week, after being bought by Amazon, Twitch makes a significant purchase of their own! CS:GO gets an update to a classic map and some of its important weapons, ESL announces that Dota 2 is coming back to Frankfurt, and more, in this week’s eSports Weekly.

Twitch Purchases Evil Geniuses, Alliance Organization

twitch editTwitch is finally throwing around its big Amazon money, acquiring GoodGame Agency at the beginning of the week. GoodGame owns two of the premier eSports organizations, Evil Geniuses and Alliance. In their announcement, Twitch said this is part of a plan to bring more support and monetization to both organizations, as well as to eSports in general. In the Twitch press release written by VP of Marketing & Communications Matthew DiPietro, the juggernaut live streaming service said:

With GoodGame’s specialized skill set added to Twitch’s already industry-leading partner program, Twitch streamers will soon have even more ways to build their careers as content creators.

The CEO of GoodGame, Alex Garfield, wrote a lengthy explanation that can be seen on GoodGame’s website, but was also nice enough to provide a TL,DR:

It’s a good deal for everyone involved. And while I’d be lying to you guys if I said that the level of support didn’t factor into my decision, I’d be lying just as much if I told you that the support alone would’ve been enough. Don’t get me wrong, the financial security doesn’t hurt. But I didn’t put ten years of my life into this company – and this industry – only to sell my soul in public for a couple of bucks.”

Like any acquisition, it will take some time to see what develops from it. And like any acquisition, it’s been met with a wide range of emotions from the community, from optimistic confidence to pessimistic hatred to full-blown confusion. And while the situations aren’t 100% similar, I’d like to ask you a question that I asked on the eSports subreddit post about this development: what would sports fans reactions be if ESPN went out and bought a handful of premier teams?

CS:GO Update: Revamp of Train, CZ Nerfed, Price Changes to M4 and Desert Eagle

Valve released a new update to CS:GO on Thursday, featuring some significant changes to de_train, as well as to some of our favorite weapons. Train received a complete overhaul, including monumental visual and aesthetic changes, and the fixing of some notable glitches that have been known occur, sadly including the one where you could get a boost from standing on a bird. The video above is a showcase of the sleek, new design of the classic map, which has now been added to the Operation Vanguard collection. Apart from editing maps, Valve also nerfed the long-time broken/OP pistol, the CZ-75 auto pistol. The magazine size has been changed to 8, and reserve ammo has been lowered to 16. The damage and firing rates have been reduced, and it now takes longer to draw the weapon itself. While fans of the CZ may be disappointed, at least we won’t see competitive eco rounds where a team of pistol-wielders can wipe out a fully geared team of five. Also changed were the prices of the M4A4-S (the silenced version of the M4) and the Desert Eagle pistol. The M4 is now $3100, and the D-eagle is $700.

ESL: IEM San Jose Sets North American Standard, Dota 2 Coming Back to Frankfurt

IEM_9_CologneWith over 12,000 people showing up throughout the weekend, and with 4 million unique viewers watching on Twitch, last weekend’s Intel Extreme Masters San Jose event is being hailed as the biggest North American eSports event ever (though I think the people over at the Dota 2 Internationals might have something to say about that). In the League of Legends division, hometown favorites Cloud 9 took home the title, and Protoss player herO won first place in the Starcraft II tournament. IEM heads to Cologne next weekend to wrap up IEM’s calendar year with some top League of Legends action. Cologne isn’t the only German city to receive ESL action in the future, as Dota 2 is returning to Frankfurt and the Commerzbank-Arena for another ESL One event next summer. The top teams in the world will duke it out once more in the World Cup stadium for $150,000. Qualifiers for the event will begin early next year, and tickets for the event will go on sale next week.

Radar Blips

  • LoL: Counter-Logic Gaming received a $10,000 fine, and a restriction from fielding William “Scarra” Li as an official LCS Team Member for the first 3 weeks of the 2015 LCS Spring Split, following an investigation into the recruiting process of Scarra. CLG’s management solicited Scarra into signing with CLG while he was still under contract as a substitute for Team Dignitas, violating the LCS no-tampering rule. The full ruling can be read here.
  • LoL: The NA LCS Expansion tournament goes into its main event this weekend, with Final Five, Fusion, Team Curse Academy, and Team Coast all fighting for the two final spots, and the opportunity to participate in the spring season of the NA LCS. The tournament, hosted by ESL, can be watched on the ESL LoL Twitch channel.

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