Oct 28 2014

NEWS: Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Releases This November

scrolls_screenshotMojang might be known mostly for the wildly successful game, Minecraft, but there is more to the studio. They’ve quietly been working on a card-based tactics game called Scrolls for the past few years now and it looks to be slated for a November release. Scrolls will have players craft decks made up of units, spells, and supports. What makes this game unique is the game board itself. Rather than the standard layout, the game offers players a hex-lined field upon which to summon their wizards and werewolves. Positioning will now play a key role in offensive and defensive maneuvers. Mojang plans to release the game across all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android) at the same time, though the company states they are aiming to get the phone and mobile versions up and running first. While there aren’t too many details floating around, we can say that iOS version of the game will be a free download, but operates much like a demo version of the game. Users will have to pay $5 to unlock the full version. The game also features cross-platform accounts and features.




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