Oct 24 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/20-10/26)

The League of Legends World Championships produced a grand champion, and then ALL THE ROSTER CHANGES started to happen. And ESL made some major announcements that fans of Microsoft will thoroughly enjoy. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly.

LoL: Worlds Finals Recap And Post-World Roster Change Madness

LoL WorldsThe grand finals of the 2014 LoL World Championships, between Samsung Galaxy White and Star Horn Royal Club, produced the winner that was expected: Samsung White. What wasn’t expected was for Star Horn to take a game against the heavily favored Korean powerhouse. Samsung White took the first two games in their usual quick, dominant fashion, winning each game in under 30 minutes. In the next game, Star Horn stunned Samsung White, going with a team composition favoring tanky teamfights, and not letting White end the match early, as they’re accustomed to. But Samsung White would respond in game four, playing strong from start to finish, claiming the world title in under 23 minutes.

Just days after Samsung White held the trophy above their heads in front of their home crowd, the landscape of competitive League of Legends began to change drastically, as several roster changes were made throughout the NA and EU LCS, in a similar fashion as many Dota 2 teams after TI4. We’ll do our best to try and list as many of the big changes as we can. Shoutout to r/leagueoflegends and its members for all the masterposts they have made.

North America LCS Changes:

European LCS Changes:

  • Tabzz, carry for EU LCS Champions Alliance, announced on Twitter that he is now a free agent.
  • SK Gaming’s carry CandyPanda and mid-laner Jesiz both announced on Twitter (CarryPanda/Jesiz) that they are both entering free agency.
  • Team ROCCAT did not re-sign top-laner Xaxus and carry Celaver. Overpow has been moved to the top lane, and ROCCAT have brought in Woolite, formerly of Copenhagen Wolves, as the new carry. They’re still looking for a mid-laner.
  • French team Millenium announced the departure of jungler Kottenx after mid-laner Kerp left earlier in the month. They also announced the signing of Koreans H0R0 and Ryu, who will play jungler and mid, respectively.
  • Fnatic’s carry Rekkles is not interested in staying with the team, but is still under contract through 2015. However, his contract can be bought out by another team for $15,000. Alliance is Rekkles’ ideal destination, and with Tabzz’ recent release, it’s more likely that Rekkles will end up with the EU LCS champions.

Wow. A lot of changes in just a short time. We’re hopefully going to see conglomeration teams of released players, just like Secret Team in Dota 2, which consists of former Na’Vi, Alliance, and Fnatic players. We’ll update you with more significant changes as they’re announced.

ESL Launches Xbox One App, Announces Halo Master Chief Collection Tournament

ESL logoIt’s been a busy week for eSports League, who made two major announcements this week. The first was for an official ESL One application on Xbox One. The premise behind the app is to allow console players to more easily compete in the competitive console tournaments that ESL hosts. So far the app is usable by North American and European console players, but I imagine ESL will want to open the service up to other markets soon. I also see the app as a specialized viewing platform for future ESL events, should you wish to watch them on your Xbox One.

Marcel Menge, Managing Director at Turtle eSports Technology, the company behind ESL, said,

The app will allow players of all skill levels to easily participate in our tournaments. This is just the start for us – we are working hard to bring major eSports tournaments to consoles and integrate them flawlessly into our app so everyone can get involved.

The next day, ESL continued their pro-Microsoft streak with an announcement of the $50,000 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational. ESL is inviting 32 of the best Halo players to their new studios in Burbank, California to battle it it out in Halo: MCC from November 8-9, before the game’s official November 11th release. Apart from $20,000, the winners of the invitational will get to be the first to play the all-new Halo 5: Guardians Mulitplayer Beta, which has yet to be released to the public. The team captains have been announced on HaloWaypoint.com.

Radar Blips:

  • LoL: Trebor and Knut of the Manila Eagles have received two year bans from competitive play for “ringing”, or the sharing of accounts. TNC eSports also expelled the team’s manager, citing “poor judgment and decision-making” and placed a one year competitive ban on the team, thus forfeiting their GPL and PGS spots. Exo and Tgee have left the Eagles and rejoined their former team, Mineski.
  • LoL: League of Legends is poised to be the first game to make over $1 billion in micro-transactions, according to a PC Gamer article. They’ve currently made an estimated $964 million over 2014.
  • Dota 2: The playoffs for Star Series Season X are underway. Secret Team are in the finals of the winners’ bracket, making them one win away from an appearance in the grand finals. The winner of EG vs. Na’Vi will fight Secret Team in the winners’ bracket, and the loser will move down to the losers’ bracket with teams such as Team Tinker, Cloud 9, and Alliance.

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