Sep 29 2014

NEWS: Playstation Home Closes European Servers this March

originalRemember when Playstation Home was announced? We all thought we were coming into the true digital age. Singularity would be met and we would carry on life in Second Life or, as was Sony’s hope, Home. Things didn’t quite turn out that way though and it looks like they are slowly starting to close up shop. Playstation Home, which was already announced for termination in Asia, will cease any European service come March 2015. No new content will be released past November 15th 2014 and no new content will be able to be downloaded past December 3rd. As a show of good faith, Sony will be releasing a series of content packs prior to the system’s closure on March 31st 2015.


EDIT: It now appears that Sony is pulling all service for Playstation Home as of March 31st. You can read the press release here.

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