Sep 19 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 9/15-9/21)

Sorry there was no eSports Weekly last week! But we’re back with perfect timing, because the League of Legends World Championships have begun! Also, more and more ESL events are shaping up in America, and much more, in this week’s eSports Weekly. We missed you! Did you miss us?

LoL: World Championships Update

LoL WorldsWe’ve made it to the biggest League of Legends of event of the year, the World Championships. The first of two weekends of group play has begun in Taiwan. The second will take place next weekend in Singapore. The winner of the two-week main event that will take place in South Korea in October takes home a solid $1 million. On Day 1, Samsung Galaxy White, the 2nd place finishers in Korea’s OGN circuit, got off to a 3-0 start, taking down fellow Group A members Edward Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club, and Dark Passage. DP earned a spot in the tournament winning the wild card bracket at Gamescom, but have gone 0-3 so far. In Group B, Star Horn Royal Club went 3-0 on their first day. NA LCS Champions TeamSoloMid went 2-1. EU LCS Champions Alliance begin their group stage play on September 21st. The top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout-style bracket in the main event. Group C play begins at 6pm Korean time (5 am EST/2 am PST). The event can be seen through Riot’s Twitch channel.

ESL To Host BlizzCon World Championship Tournament, and IEM San Jose

The people over at eSports League announced two major eSports events that will take place in California in the coming months. The first is the BlizzCon 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend Tournament, that will take place at ESL TV’s Burbank, CA studios from October 31-November 2. The BlizzCon Opening Weekend will act as qualifiers for the World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone main events that will take place at BlizzCon on November 7-8. ESL will also handle production of the main events at BlizzCon.

Additionally, ESL announced the Intel Extreme Masters tournament at San Jose, where the best in the world at League of Legends and Starcraft II will duke it out from December 6-7. This is the seventh IEM event to take place in the U.S. since 2006. In the press release, ESL estimated that the event would attract 4.5 million online viewers. (Editor’s Note: Three huge, incredible events coming in the next month: ESL One NY, IEM San Jose, and BlizzCon, all made possible thanks to ESL. Shout out to them.)

Dota 2: ESL One New York Qualifiers Shaping Up

esl-one-new-yorkWe’re getting closer and closer to determining the eight teams that will fight it out at Madison Square Garden at the ESL One New York Dota 2 tournament that will take place in October. The one team from China has already been determined: Vici Gaming. The finals of the Chinese qualifier was a rematch of the grand finals of the 4th Dota 2 International Championships, between Vici and Newbee. Newbee took home the $11 million prize in July, but they faced a new Vici Gaming, featuring IceIceIce, formerly of Team DK, and Black, formerly of CIS Game. VG swept the best of five, three games to none. In the EU bracket, Cloud 9, Na’Vi, Alliance, and Secret Team remain in the winners’ bracket. Alliance will square off against Cloud 9, and Na’Vi will fight Secret Team once the losers’ bracket has caught up. Lastly, in the American quals, Evil Geniuses, CompLexity Gaming, Sneaky Nyx Assassins, and Na’Vi.US are still in the winners’ bracket. The top four teams from the EU quals, and the top three from the North American quals will join Vici Gaming in the main event, and the chance at a cut of the $100,000 prize pool.


Radar Blips

  • LoL: Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen of SK Gaming, the EU LCS third place winner and competing team at the Worlds Championships, was suspended from SK Gaming’s first three matches after using racially insensitive language while on the Taiwan servers. According to the report, Svenskerenadopted the summoner name ‘TaipeiChingChong’” and proceeded to interact with the Taiwan server’s community in a disrespectful manner. Svenskeren was also fined $2,500, and SK Gaming lost the first three games of their group play. The full announcement can be read on Riot’s website.
  • Gears of War: On a more sad note, a former competitive Gears of War player, Daniel ‘Phobos‘ Zeitz, was shot and killed during a Craigslist transaction gone wrong. Zeitz, 28, was attempting to sell a PS3 to a couple in an apartment parking lot, when Nathaniel Vivian, who was with his 16-year-old girlfriend and her 16 month old baby, tried to wrestle the PS3 from Zietz. The 16-year-old girl allegedly pulled the trigger and shot Zeitz in the chest, killing him. There’s a GoFundMe page that’s raised money for the funeral costs for Zeitz, and to support his family. The fundraiser has already doubled its goal in just six days, but you can still donate.
  • Age of Empires II: An Age of Empires II tournament has obtained a prize pool of $120,000. The War is Coming tournament, sponsored by TyRanT, AoCZone, and the World Series of Video Games, will take place on November 3rd. You can sign up through October 27th.
  • CS:GO: A new trailer for the upcoming DreamHack Stockholm 2014 event was released today, featuring popular Swedish teams Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Fnatic and NiP will compete, along with six other teams yet to be announced. The event will take place next weekend, September 26-27, and will also feature Starcraft II, Hearthstone, WoW, and Ultima Street Fighter IV.

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