Feb 12 2014

Heads Up: Adam’s Venture Chronicles

We’ve got a contest going for this one!

Basically what I want you guys to do is put down a comment saying what you think Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, or this Venture punk would do in their respective situations if they were REAL archaeologists. You’ve got till midnight tonight (for specificity’s sake let’s say exactly 11:59PM PST 2/12/2014) to put down your funniest answer. When the contest ends I’ll pick three winners and send them a message with a PSN code for the game.

Oh and while you’re commenting please feel free to check out the rest of our channel and throw us a sub if you like what you see.

Good Luck!

(Be forewarned that the codes we’re giving out are North American PSN codes and you must have a North American PSN account to use them.)

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