Dec 18 2013

[UPDATED]Get Your Bird On! Win a copy of Toki Tori for the PS3!

11361817196_b0c14ef5a5_oWell you’ve watched the Toki Tori Heads Up we put up yesterday and are saying “well that all seems like fun but how can I get in on some of that ornithological puzzle solving action?“. Well you could hop on the PSN and buy it or you could enter our awesome contest to win a copy free of charge! To enter you just need to comment on this post with the answer to this question:

What year did Toki Tori originally come out and on what platform?

At the end of the day we’ll send out codes to three random commenters with the right answer, so get those answers in quick.

[UPDATE:] Well the contest is over and the winners have been emailed their codes, thanks to everyone for participating and thank you for visiting HalfBeard’s HUD.


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  1. rocklee_san

    septembre 12 2001 – Game Boy color!

  2. deltabladexDeltaBladeX

    Toki Tori first released on the Gameboy Color late 2001

  3. Lincoln

    Year: 2001
    Platform: Game Boy Color

  4. Peter Hudd

    Toki Tori released on the gameboy colour on september 12th

    1. Peter Hudd

      Of 2001

  5. Death

    Toki Tori was first released on the Game Boy Color at the year of 2001.

  6. Carl

    It was the 2001, and it came out for the Gameboy Color!

  7. Kathleen

    September 12, 2001 for the Game Boy Color

  8. knsys

    2001 @ GameBoy Color

  9. JackRaider

    It was in 2001 on the GameBoy Colour.

  10. Sam

    Sept. 12 2001 on the GameBoy Color…

  11. Jesse Fielder Coleman

    October 72, 40,001.
    I win, gg no re.

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