Dec 02 2013

A Gamer’s Wishlist for 2013: REVISITED

At the start of the year we made a list of the things we would like to see in gaming during 2013. What can we say, pretty much everything on our list came true! Nintendo is starting to show signs of getting itself together, Sony is now most definitely showing the Vita some love, indie games were bigger than ever, and we got, not just two new console announcements, but two brand new consoles. Let’s go go item-by-item and see how 2013 stacked up.

1. For Nintendo to Get Itself Together.

windwakerhdconsoleeurope_610The Wii U’s launch was rocky and the console hasn’t quite found its footing yet. However, Nintendo is slowly getting the system to where it needs to be. They finally started putting out entries in their long standing series’ which is sure to please many Nintendo fans, and they’ve also started producing games to get the more casual folk interested. They’ve also continued to produce quality games on the 3DS, and with the 2DS now making the library more accessible, they’re starting to get themselves back on the right track. It’s not over yet though, with the new consoles having launched this season, they’ve got to really push their bundles as well as library in order to keep their head above water.

2. More Sony Support for the Vita.

Boy-howdy, did this one certainly come true. Games like Tearaway, Guacamelee!, and Rayman Legends have really made this a portable system to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS. It’s functionality with the PS3 was passable at best, but it is starting to not only develop its own amazing library of games, but it is also now a more important tool for Sony’s new model of console gaming. Last year I asked if I thought that the Vita could possibly be the Wii U killer. With little support from Sony, it wasn’t much more than a pipe-dream. They’ve also made an effort to offer quality games through the Playstation+ program, rather than games that had a hard time selling. If Sony keeps putting out awesome games on the system, offering actual good games via PSPlus, and continued support for cross-platform play, they could very well dominate the new generation.

3. More Indie Games!


The same discussion that music fans had over a decade ago is now perhaps one for gaming: What even is indie gaming? Not to say that there is no difference between the top-guys like Naughty Dog or Ubisoft, but when smaller companies are putting out games that will surely chart almost every GOTY list (think of Rogue Legacy, Risk of Rain, Wolf Among us), can they really be seen as the little guy? Outside of perhaps commercial success, indies really have dominated 2013.



4. New Hardware Announcements.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This entry was more than accomplished in 2013, it was left in the dust. Not only were two new consoles announced, but they were both released! Microsoft are now on the quest to dominate your living room with the one box to rule them all, and Sony are trying to make themselves more accessible for both gamers and developers. So far both systems look to be fantastic. By including more contemporary aspects (such as social connectivity) into the new generation, sharing the joy of gaming is easier and better than ever. Here’s to 2014 and a year of amazing games!

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