Oct 09 2013

NEWS: GTA V Hits the History Books

Guinness_World_Records_logoThe times, they are a-changin’. It only took 3 days for Rockstar’s latest entry into the mega-popular GTA series to break the billion dollar mark. Rockstar are projecting over 437 milliion dollars in post-launch sales and the game is ready to be documented by Guinness World Records.  Editor-in-chief for Guinness, Craig Glenday, stated “Gaming is no longer a niche hobby, as GTA 5 has proved, and how exciting that it’s taken on the might of Hollywood and won!

Not only did GTA V get itself into the the Guinness Book of World Records, but it broke a total of 7 records. They are:

  • Best-selling action-adventure video game in 24 hours
  • Best-selling video game in 24 hours
  • Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion
  • Fastest video game to gross $1 billion
  • Highest grossing video game in 24 hours
  • Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours
  • Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure video game

Obviously video games are the mainstream now. This isn’t anything new, but GTA V’s success only helps further this point. We at HBHUD would like to send a big shout out to all of the staff who made this game the phenomena that it is – from motion-capture, to texturing, from legal to back-end work, all of you helped build a massive testament and love letter to video games. We would not exist without the passion and energy that turned something novel into a worldwide phenomena.

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