Sep 05 2013

By (somewhat) popular demand, HalfBeard Survives is back! What game do you want me to play?

Well I’ve been getting some rumblings from the community asking me just what the hell happened to HalfBeard Survives; the short answer is no one was watching them and I got bored. But with interest renewed and September looking a little lean on releases I guess I might as well bring the series back.

That being the case what should I play? I could go back and finish Just Cause 2 and Sonic Generations but…y’know…meh. So what should I play instead? Make some suggestions in the comments on our Steam page. Remember, the “Survives” part of the title isn’t literal, it doesn’t have to be a shitty game or about survival, it just has to be a game you’d want to see me play. I’ll be taking suggestions until the end of this week so comment quick!

Oh yes and there will be some sort of prize, I haven’t decided what yet but there will be something, almost certainly a Steam game.

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