Jul 08 2013

R.I.P. Ryan Davis, Game Journalism Has Been Dealt a Heavy Blow.

2508621-2508620-img_0002We don’t normally do a ton of news here on the site but I felt the need to make mention of the recent passing of Ryan Davis, a great games journalist and by all accounts a great human being. He passed last week on July 3rd and is survived by his wife to whom he recently married; no cause of death has yet been reported. An outpouring of both fond memories and grief has been flooding the internet with plenty of tweets and memorial articles showing up such as this poignant article from Stephen Totilo over at Kotaku and this heartfelt memorial from Dave Snider, Ryan’s former Giant Bomb co-worker.

I’m sad to say I didn’t really know Ryan personally though I did get to meet him once and it left a lasting impression. I met him after Giant Bomb’s PAX 09 panel after I took second place in their now infamous “Beef” Bowl Challenge and despite a long day of dealing with people and just finishing a panel he was still willing to talk to me and say hello to a fan. He was a happy guy and clearly loved his work and the people who enjoyed his work; as I’ve said in the past it was that same energy I got from him and the rest of the GB crew that really helped push me towards games journalism as a career. Put simply he is in no small part to thank for influencing my decision to found this very site and I thank him dearly for that, I’m just sad I never got the chance to say that to him personally.

All our condolences here at HalfBeard’s HUD go out to his wife, his family, his friends, and of course his co-workers at Giant Bomb.

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