Mar 07 2013

Quick Shave: Brutal Legend (PC)

header_292x136You know to look back on it, Brutal Legend is in many ways the game that defined Double Fine and the way they make games. The ideas of focusing on an under utilized by the gaming industry but nonetheless loved facet of culture (such as Heavy Metal, Halloween, or the works of Charles Dickens) and then applying a gameplay structure that no one expects to those things with generally solid results. While they certainly buried their insane lead a bit too much when it came to Brutal Legend’s marketing, it was still a damn good game, even if it did decide to lift its dress and awkwardly reveal it was an RTS and not a character action game like it’s Craigslist ad claimed. But enough reminiscing, the PC version is out now so why don’t we see if there’s enough new there to warrant jumping back into the land of almighty metal.


Bloody fucking majestic…

Pretty much everything new here is technical changes; an enhanced resolution, a better framerate, and a variety of fancy PC style options you can toggle to make things even shinier than before. To be fair this stuff definitely adds something for those with an eye for graphics. Brutal Legend already featured art that was jaw-droppingly beautiful, especially its skyboxes, and seeing all that in full 1080p rather the standard 720p you get on a console only enhances the majesty and grandeur of the game’s environments. The same goes for all the fancy extra bells and whistles you can toggle and the better framerate, if you have a decent enough PC to run the game at least somewhere close to full blast then this is hands down the best version.

That said there isn’t really a ton here for people who’ve already played through this game on another platform. There isn’t really any additional content added; you do get all the previously released DLC for free but that’s just multiplayer maps and some costumes and car skins for the single player. There simply isn’t anything new here for someone who has already experienced the magic that is tooling around a world made entirely of Heavy Metal Album covers in a rock powered Hotrod, this release seems aimed purely at newcomers. Not to say there isn’t value in playing through it again but if you own the console version already then there’s no reason to shell out $20 bucks just for sharper spikes and shinier chrome.

Final Assessment:

If you haven’t played Brutal Legend then you really should, it’s fucking awesome and if you aren’t already in love with Heavy Metal  then Brutal Legend will be happy to open your eyes to a world you’ll curse yourself for missing out on for so long. If that’s the case for you then buy this PC version because it is hands down the best one out there. If you have already played the game though then I would recommend holding off on this release unless you desperately need to see Eddie Riggs in full HD and even then I would suggest waiting for a Steam sale.

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