Feb 14 2013

SEGA is Bleeding Out, and Bleeding Out Fast.

sega_logo_shiny_and_glowing-15006For those that haven’t noticed yet, the recent release SEGA has their name slapped on, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is an absolute flop. Gearbox has their names written all over it as well, the only difference is Borderlands is such a massive success they won’t need to worry too much about the inevitable poor sales of Aliens, but SEGA should definitely be worried.

In case people have forgotten Aliens is one of four key IP’s SEGA said way back they are going to be focusing on. In the state they are in now, it is reminiscent of the Dreamcast in its dying days. One thing is clear, if SEGA does not start pushing out titles to compete with the far bigger companies out there, more importantly some AAA titles that will sky-rocket their profits, expect them to die out just like their Dreamcast; and this time no amount of blue hedgehogs can save them.

Bayonetta-2If that wasn’t bad enough, Bayonetta 2 has already been hit with such severe negativity, all due to it being a Wii U exclusive. It is another major title that SEGA has their name plastered over that is headed for a major downfall. Even if it receives amazing reviews, the WiiU is not doing so well and the state of it is clearly not going to improve anytime soon, that will directly affect the sales of Bayonetta 2. There’s also the Yakuza series, something which used to be a massive seller, doing so poorly that they won’t make any more in the west, yet again signs are showing that they may just be heading out of the industry if they cannot think of something and fast.

What would save them? They have shoved out many average Sonic games this generation, and people are starting to get tired of seeing the blue hedgehog that made SEGA so popular, so exactly what could be done now to save them if it’s even possible?

Shenmue 3 may be a more viable option now. The previous two games cost SEGA more than they could handle and as such they discontinued the series. That being said it was only due to it being vastly ahead of its time, however time has passed a great deal and more people around the world have discovered the cult classic. It would still cost a great deal to make a 3rd installment anywhere near as big as the others and to complete the story but it would be at a far less of a risk nonetheless to make it now. It’s the only logical option because this time Sonic cannot save them anymore.

ACMIt is clear thanks to Aliens: Colonial Marines and other series, that the future of SEGA is vastly becoming bleak. It is a sign that if they don’t pull off something big, they are surely going to vanish from the industry soon. At this rate they might not even be able to go as far as the PS4 or Xbox 720. They’ve had a fairly long run throughout the course of gaming history with some incredible games. There are many series with storylines left unfinished and many people will want to someday finish them, if Sega doesn’t pull off something big soon, they may just be sinking quicker than the Titanic.

This article was written by Rocky Junior Manero, he’s been gaming for close to 15 years now and being somewhat of a Resident Evil veteran he seems to have grown a large taste for anything involving the undead. He’s always on hand throughout the entire day to give out hints and help out on any game, just feel free to drop him a message on facebook, name your game and your problem, and he’ll be able to help you with whatever your problem maybe. (http://www.facebook.com/#!/Rocky.Destruction)

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