Jan 17 2013

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Brings New Exclusive Characters for the PC Version

8390252430_4ebb6ebe28You know PC gaming has hit the main stream when not only is it getting kart racers but kart racers with exclusive characters. As some of you may know the PC version of the sequel to Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, launches on Steam at the end of this month after a fairly well received console launch and it seems SEGA has some bonuses for all those who chose to wait for the PC release. The game already sports some odd extra characters like Nascar driver Dana Patrick and Disney’s Ralph from Wreck it Ralph but now it’s going to get some PC exclusive and PC-centric characters.

In addition to the rumored but now confirmed Team Fortress 2 Kart featuring The Spy, The Heavy, and The Pyro you’re also going to get to conquer the track with the Shogun from the Total War series and Manager Man from the Football Manager Series and no I am not kidding about Manager Man. So hey if you haven’t picked up the game this seems the best way to get it because seriously, Manager Man.

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