Jan 02 2013

Quickshaves: Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath (PSVITA)

8285265914_9184c8d91f_zI used to lament the fact that Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was so underloved and under released, now there are three separate devices sitting on my desk right now that can play definitive HD versions of it; say what you want about J.A.W. and Oddworld Inhabitants but they are thorough at the very least. As for why this is a Quickshave instead of a full review, I felt a port of a port (that I reviewed last year no less) didn’t warrant a full review. If you haven’t played Stranger’s Wrath by now and are curious if the content is any good then go read our review of the PS3 version that came out last year, this is essentially that. If however You want to know if this FPS experience translates to the VITA, I got your back.

For the most part this is a 1:1 translation of the recent PS3 version. Graphically you get the same beautiful reskin of the classic that we saw on the full console version last year. The biggest change here is with the controls, for most part it’s 8285265004_5db5d81500the kind of dual stick fun you’d expect but there are some controls added to the back touch screen which are kind of iffy. When you’re in first person mode you can press the back screen to do a melee attack or pinch and pull your fingers apart to zoom in or out with the binoculars. While the idea of pinch and zoom works fine for touchscreens you’re actively looking at, it’s imprecise on ones you can’t see, also I found myself punching a lot when I was trying to zoom. That said the rest of the controls are fine; shooting feels good and responsive, the third person movement still feels smooth, and the changing of ammo types is actually meshed well with the front touch screen. So yeah totally playable and the bounty to bounty structure of game makes it perfect for playing on the go.

Final Assessment: We’re scrapping the facial hair rating system, just read the synopsis below This is a perfectly fine version of a great game, it’s a little funky what with the back touch screen controls but still totally playable. If you haven’t already beaten this game in one of its other incarnations then this is a great way to play it but if you have already taken down your fair share of outlaws then it’s probably best to save your cash.

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