Nov 28 2012

Crisis on Infinite Titles: Compilation Games and their Future

Kinda like this, but with a lot less iconic character death.

Seems everyone has to have their special beat-em-up involving all their big mascots. Playstation feels that having Ratchet and Jak duking it out with Kratos will pull fans back in when they’re missing a favored bandicoot, and the independent community already tried this once already, but everyone couldn’t get along.

Nintendo beat everyone to the punch-like usual-and now the rest of the industry has to jump onto the bandwagon. Super Smash Bros. was such an instant hit, it spawned two sequels and countless consumer speculation about the new one. So while we wait for everyone to complain about the newest choices for their favorite-and most hated by competition-we can take some time to explore new possibilities for the new genre. Must everything be a fighting game? Must they treat the threat with seriousness or object, cutesy comedy? Will the fandoms ever give these poor bastards a break? Let’s find out.

Street Fighter: The Oncoming Storm (Strategy Action-RPG)

See, the fighting game compilation has been done to death…so why not kick things up a notch? Capcom needs a new push anyway.

Okay, the fighting game compilation has been done already, and it’s always been a fighting game. Time to change things up a notch, and I’m not talking about putting the Doctor into the World Warrior tournament, I know some of you fellow geeks were thinking it. Why not exercise that brain for once? Most of the characters in the Street Fighter games are friendly to one another; Alpha has a bunch of those neutral types like Rose and Sagat because he’s over all that jazz about losing his eye, Charlie will work with anybody, Jin is weird, and Dan….is just Dan. The point is, you have more than enough characters who could work together for any significant reason against the bad guys and even greater threats. Lord knows with Akuma around and whatever forces are in his possession or that he’s possessed by, there’s something worth telling there.

So why not take the idea and run with it in some form of strategy RPG? Fire Emblem is the inspiration, with some combined fighting-style mechanics they attempted to use in Namco X Capcom, a Japanese only release, that would be better designed and more accessible to a player of fighting games and RPGs. In fact, this would be a good way to improve upon the overall storyline of Street Fighter. In a medium which has many issues telling their own stories, this would be a great jumping off point. Just be sure to make your moves right and the fights fair, or you might just lose out when someone goes down for good.

Grand Theft Auto: American Crime (Sim Sandbox Exploration)

Now, if you put TJ, Nico and Tommy on this screen, I’d flock for the game. A good holdover until Grand Theft Horse: Cyrodil….Oh wait, that’s Elder Scrolls Online.

If Tommy Vercetti really had the time to bash heads in Vice City, and Nico and TJ felt the need to come out of retirement and join him with their mugshots from Liberty City, how would it be done? Well, first you’d have to understand that Tommy would be like sixty for the modern day-Vice City is very ’80s, and IV took place in the more contemporary ’00s.

That doesn’t mean that Tommy makes the whole thing fall apart, though; by the end of Vice City, he’s running the show. He had the goods to make everyone around him sing to his tune and bend to his will because he had the power and the connections. So why doesn’t he run the show? The other three gents-and their multiple associates from Stories and the Bikers DLC-come together to form the most chaotic, psychotic and downright powerful circuit of criminals known to America. The game could be sandbox singleplayer or multiplayer: Controlling Tommy would allow you to control finances simplistically and buy new equipment for your boys as well as the main player avatars in Nico and the like, who proceed to take the missions the Florida-equse don finds through his growing network. And why not spread the love over the United States? If Skyrim is capable of building whole parts of fantasy districts to explore, I’m sure we can do the same for the USA as we blow it up with a rocket launcher. That’s the American way. I just wouldn’t expect a horse in some old guy’s bed, and instead would suggest a dolphin.

ID: Hell Everywhere! (First-Person Sandbox RPG – Multiple Fronts)

The reason this works is because people want to see magic and technology work together to defeat Hell and Nazis. Also, Mage with a Plasma Rifle? Sold.

Hell on Phobos and Hell on Earth aren’t the only things to be concerned about in the realm of ID software. You’ve got mutants with guns grafted to their arms, midget gasmaskers, and Nazis, so why not bring everything together for a truly epic kind of destruction? And try not to use the same idea with yet another FPS, but an RPG.

You could always place it in the First-Person style, but make the world more expansive and interesting to explore. I could only imagine how interesting a UAC building under siege would be to explore with the mage from Heretic, or playing as Doomguy in the castle of D’Sparil. How about trying to teach the mage about shotguns? There’s some real character growth here. Something interesting and engaging to teach these characters new ways to explode things dead. I’m not asking for much, I realize its ID and I realize there’s enough gameplay to keep me satisfied but even a little regard for your characters and a combined world would make for something really fun. And by detailed, I mean I get to watch my Phoenix Rod cook a giant floating demon head. That’s some classy stuff.

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    A street fighter x tekken rpg would be epic!

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